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Heath Ledger's role as Scott Irwin on Home and Away

Guest ~JarlieFanEver~

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Hey there, guys. Heath's tragic death did make me so sad-his poor family and his daughter. :(

But I am wondering about the Scott Irwin storyline on Home and Away. Which year did it first air? I don't think I did saw Heath Ledger play as Scott on Home and Away. Right was he the guy who tried to rape Sally? Can anyone tell me what happened please? Was he a guest or regular cast member? Sorry lots of questions, lol! But it would be great if you can help me. Thanks for your time :)

From Sarah

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I have no idea when it aired, probably around 1998, I think. Heath was a guest, and no, he didn't rape Sally. He also wasn't Sally's first time, like most people think. Some guy named Tim was.

Scott was just a one night stand that Sally regretted. If I remember rightly, he also made Sally's life miserable at school afterwards.

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