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Tammin Sursok brings new man to Oz

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Tammin Sursok brings new man to Oz

AFTER a year away from home, former Home and Away hottie Tammin Sursok has spent the past fortnight in Oz introducing her new man to her family and re-energising for what is set to be a massive 2008.

The one-time Summer Bay local has two films coming out mid-year: the horror flick Albino Farm and the drama Crossing Over, which also stars Harrison Ford and Sean Penn.

She jets out to the US on Tuesday to resume work on The Young and the Restless and has another film project in the pipeline - but can't reveal too much until she has signed on the dotted line.

Not only is the 24-year-old actress's career going gangbusters, her decision to move to Tinseltown three years ago has done wonders for her personal life.

Sursok began dating an American a year ago and brought him home for the first time over Christmas to meet the relos.

"We met on a film about a year ago," she told Confidential.

"He works in the film industry but isn't an actor.

"It's better to date people who understand the industry, but they don't have to be directly in front of the cameras.

"This is his first trip, and he has loved it.

"There are really no beaches in LA, so we've been to Bondi, Dee Why, Manly . . . "


Although she hit her stride in La La Land in 2007, Sursok said there had been plenty of ups and downs along the way.

"The first year was definitely very tough," she said. "It takes a while to really enjoy LA and feel like it's a second home."

The couple spent their downtime enjoying the vibe at Terrigal and rented an apartment in the city for a few days.

But most of their trip has been spent relaxing at Sursok's parents' North Shore home.

Most of Sursok's Home and Away buddies have been away but she has caught up with some close friends who were hair and make-up artists on the show.

Sursok is hoping she'll be back in Oz before she knows it to help spruik her two flicks when they premiere mid-year.

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