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Points of Views

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Chapter 1

Points of Views

Over the high rise of flats lay a house belonging to Kylie Deeks, a woman who was living her life in fear, fear of being found by someone who wanted to wreak revenge on her, she lived in fear, thank to her mother, she now lived in a remote flat on her own where she can make something of her life.

Shane was gone and she knew that is horrible but she was glad; she didn’t need any ties to her old life she could move on but where to? She had no idea

One morning she woke up and she saw a startling sight, she couldn’t believe it. A man was in the shadows smiling at her in the most loving way and despite her initial fears she felt herself relaxing in his company.

“I believe that someone has stolen your identity”

Kylie frowned, this was the first she had heard about it, she was baffled but at the same time curious. Curious to know who was this person and what link did they have to her as they wouldn’t have found her place of living unless they had a link to her.

She found herself saying “how do you know this and how did you find me?”

“I knew your husband through my wife”

“Sorry, my husband isn’t around anymore?”

“I know”

“My wife is Sam Tolhurst and she said that her previous name was Kylie Deeks so imagine my surprise when I read a report when she was in West America that Kylie Deeks signed to release a man from prison, I was curious”

“Sorry but I don’t know your wife”

“Yes you do. I am a police officer and with that I get privileges and lets say I know about your past and numerous of crimes you have committed”

“What do you want from me?”

“I will let you know in due course” his face drew into a smile.

“I will be waiting with anticipation”

“I am sure you will be”

Kylie led him to the door and let him out; a bit bemused by him but didn’t give him a second glance. She didn’t know that this was going to change her life forever.

Preview: We see Sam but is Kylie telling the truth about how she knows Sam?

Find out!!!

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