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Well, aprt from BTTB Here is a few of mine. I go on at least a couple times a week, if not more!!


Top Gear


Bill Granger

Helen & Douglas House

*For +15/16 * Outsiders

The Star


I love reading

Cheap hotels deals


Free Downloads

Petite shopper




The Mirror

The Express

The Sheff arena

A certain, place were a certain cute Aussie bloke i know lives :lol::P

A few Aussie sites

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Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend

Home and Away: Back to the Bay



Uncyclopedia: the content-free encyclopedia that anybody can edit

The Internet Movie Database

Home and Away - Yahoo!7


Uncyclopedia has got to be the funniest, mainly for the Self-reference Category, especially the pages on Distraction, Exaggeration, Hyperbole, Unreasonable Hysteria and Sexual Innuendo.

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I've got a ton of websites I love to visit, but at the moment I'm particularly loving...

Wetpaint Please Touch


Punky Pins

Other websites I visit all the time include...

BttB :P





ITV's official site

Five's official site

Seven's official site

...and because Animals are a big interest of mine, I often visit these websites...

Cat's Protection


The Animal Rescue Site

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^I went to the Hot Topic clothes shop in Santa Monica. I loved it. We don't have it in New Zealand.

Websites I visit are:

Back to the Bay

The Internet Movie Database


Street Talk

pretty much BttB for Shortland Street fans... except a lot of the members are frustratingly bland and annoying :P Except for Blake_Lively_Fan (Cat) :lol:

My Bebo

That's all that comes to mind at present. Will update, though :)

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