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This thread will be used by staff to post about any updates to the main site which are relevent to this forum.

We'd also like to use it to encourage more of our long term members to get involved with the main site. Those who venture on there will be aware that some of the less recent content is maybe a bit sketchy and vague and we're currently working hard to try and bring as much as possible up to date and it'd be great if people wouldn't mind helping.

How can I help?

Have any old episodes on tape and fancy writing an episode summary for them?

Any characters that you remember pretty well and could maybe have a stab at a profile?

Anything you'd like to see on the main site, maybe you have written features, reviews we could use, anything really.

I think I remember some bits...

Brilliant, just post a reply with the bits you remember and anybody can add what they remember to the piece in order to complete it.

How do I know you don't already have what I was planning to do?

Please ask myself or Ryan and we'll be happy to tell you.

I don't have the best knowledge but I'd still like to help.

That's fine, a lot of stuff like character profiles for example can be done using resources already available. The episode summaries for example are a great resource for picking out a character's main storylines for a profile.

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For those interested in a nostalgic look back we are currently adding a series of detailed guest character profiles starting with 1988. We're also working on bringing the former main characters up to date so keep checking the main site for new additions.

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For those who follow the main site updates we're fairly near to having a complete set of guest character profiles for 1988 characters which are being uploaded daily if anybody is interested. :)

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