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Let Me Love You

Guest ~Rosey~

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Story Title: Let Me Love You

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha & Jack

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Jack is 15 and Martha is 14 [for the first 1 or 2 chapters]. They go to the same high school together. They meet in class. And everything plans out from there

Chapter 1

Today was the first of February – the first day of the new school year. Jack Holden walked into the school gates, wondering what on earth Year 9 could bring. Behind him, walked in a small girl, long brown hair, down to her hips. She carried a small bag that went over her shoulder. Her name was Martha Mackenzie. She walked up to where her friends were sitting, and joined in with their conversation Suddenly, the 9am bell rung.

"All Year 9 students, please make your way to the multipurpose hall," the year adviser announced over the PA system.

The students started to make there way over to the hall. Gradually, everyone was arrived. The Year adviser gave them a small speech, about the demands of what Year 9 might bring them. The lead up to the school certificate, new subjects, more exams and assignments. Timetables were then given out, as were school diaries. Daily notices were given and the students were allowed to go and find there first class for the day.

Martha looked at her timetable, and that confused her even more. Why did timetables have to be so confusing these days? Back when she was in Year 7, she could remember how the timetables looked, and the definitely did not look like they did now. Suddenly, a man approached her from behind. He could obviously see that she was confused and didn't know where to go.

"Hi. I'm Jack. Do you need any help decoding this ridiculous timetable?" He smiled as he said that.

Martha jumped, as she didn't know anyone was standing behind her.

"Ehh. Yeah. I'm Martha. I really don't get any of this." She smiled nervously.

Jack looked at her timetable, and studied the list of her classes.

"Well, according to this, it looks like you have your first 2 classes with me" he announced.

"Ah. Okay. I'm not going to ask how you worked that out, but thank you" She replied, smiling

And so that was the end of that. Martha was glad to get her classes, problem sorted, and if she may say so her self, Jack was quite a good-looking boy.

They walked to their first class together, which was English, in Room 2. There teacher introduced her self, and while she was out of the room, photocopying worksheets, Jack and Martha spoke a little bit more about them selves. They both looked into each other's eyes, not knowing who would be the first to speak. Jack opened his mouth and started to speak

"Obviously, you already know my name" he said, laughing at his own stupid joke. "I'm 15 years old. I only started at this school 6 weeks ago, so everything feels sort of strange to me. Luckily, I figured out how to use these time tables" he said, smiling. "So what about you?" He asked.

"I'm 14. Been at this school since Year…"

Just as she was in the middle of her sentence, Mrs. White walked back into the room, and asked for quiet. She handed out worksheets, and explained what they were about.

The next class came and went, and Jack took his chance now, just incase he didn't see Martha again for the rest of the day

"So, what are you doing after school today?" he asked her, secretly wishing that she didn't have any plans with boyfriends that he didn't know about

"Uhhh. No not really. Starting homework tonight I guess, if and when I get some. But knowing the teachers, thee going to give us some. Why?"

"Well I was kind of hoping you would join me at the Beachside diner after school, for a milkshake and maybe a muffin" He smiled.

"Yeah, sure. It's a date." She smiled back, and as she did, the bell rang for roll call, and so she said goodbye to Jack and walked off.

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Cute start :D Cant imagine them as 14 and 15 year olds, but I bet they're cutie pies :)

Would you be so kind as to increase the font a little aswell :P

Looking forward to reading more (if you actually finish this one that is, you've done a zillion JnM fics and never even finished them :P)

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Chapter 2

The rest of the school day went by really quickly. Jack was meeting Martha at the diner at 4pm, which was good because it left Martha just enough time, to go home and get out of the dreadful school uniform.

The bell rang and all the students appeared out of their classrooms, running through the hallways wanting to desperately go home. Most students walked to their lockers, those that were lucky enough to have them, that is, picking out there books and slamming the doors shut.

Martha was one of those lucky kids. She had her own locked, and she has for the past yeah. She sighed, walking over to her locked at undoing to padlock. She opened to a locker full of pictures of hot men. Maybe, she though to her self, she could stick a picture if Jack up there. But maybe not. She didn't know how this 'date' was going to turn out. Speaking of which, she looked at her watch, 3:35pm.

"Crap" she said, in a small voice, hoping no one had heard her.

She threw a few books in her bag and took a few out, closing the door. She ran down the stairs, and ran home, worrying that she was going to be late.

She walked in the door and saw that her Mum had left her a note on the table

"Sweetie, gone shopping. Help your self to anything in the fridge. Should be back by 4" Martha turned the piece of paper over and found a pen, writing a reply

"Mum, have gone to the diner for afternoon tea. Dunno when I'll be home, not to late though. Love you xx"

She walked in to her room, not having a clue in the world of what to wear. She didn't know weather Jack was still going to be in the school uniform, or weather he was going to be changed. And if he was changed, was it casual? Or formal? And anyway, what if he was wearing casual, and she was wearing formal? Or what if it was the other way round?

In the end, she ended up wearing plain jeans and a frilly top. That way, she was dressed for both.

She walked out the door and walked down to the diner. Her watch stated it was 3:55pm. She was almost there and she didn't know if Jack was going to be on time or what. She had always known boys to be on time, always late. Girls, on the other hand always seemed to arrive at the allocated time. God knows what boys get up too. She walked in the diner, and looked around, and smiled. She was Jack sitting at a booth. She walked over to him. He was obviously lost in his thoughts.

"Hey" Martha said, sliding into the booth

Jack jumped, not aware of her presence.

"Oh, hey." He smiled. "Want to order?"

She nodded, and Jack nodded to the waiter to place an order. She walked over to the pair, notebook in hand

"Uh. I'll just have a choc chip muffin and a vanilla milkshake" Martha said, while looking at the menu.

"And, you?" the waiter said, looking at Jack

"Yeah. I'll have the same as her, thanks"

She quickly scribbled something on her pad then smiled, walking away. There was a awkward silence none of them knew what to say.

The date progressed on, and once again, Martha looked at her watch. 4:45pm

"Well, I better get going. Mums going to wonder and I have homework" she said.

Jack nodded

"Me too"

They both stood up and went to pay. They walked outside of the diner. Coincidentally, they only lived a few houses apart from each other. Martha reached her house and stopped.

"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow" she said

"Wait…just wait" he replied.

They stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds, and he leaned forward. She got the idea and smiled. They both leaned towards each other, locking lips. They pulled away after a few minutes.

"Wow. That was, amazing." Martha said aloud, not meaning to.

She giggled, and kissed Jack on the cheek, saying goodbye and running inside the house.

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