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It's A Hard Life Without Your Mum!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Its a hard life without your mum

Type of story: Shortish Long fic

Main Characters: Matilda, Colleen, Ric, Tony and more!

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: A week after Beth Died Maddie decides to come out of her room.

LOL this is the first tiime i've done a fic based on other people besides Eve and Tracey lol so i hope you like it.

"you who only me!" said Colleen, walking into Tony's house with a dish of lasagne,

"oh hello Colleen" replied Tony, he felt depressed, it had been a week since Beth died and they'd already had the funeral,

"I just thought i'd drop by and give you this for dinner, hope i'm not bothering you!" said Colleen, putting the dish on the table, looking at Tony's sad looking face, she felt sorry for him in a way,

"thanks Colleen, but you dont need to do this" replied Tony, he was greatful for it though, he just didn't feel like making any meals lately and if it wasn't for Colleen he wouldn't be eating,

"no, no I insist it gives me something to do!" said Colleen, picking up her bag,

"well thank you Colleen, your a great help!!" replied Tony, putting the dish of food in the fridge, he'd heat it up later and have some for lunch,

"well I better go and let you get on with things, I'll see you around!" said Colleen, saying good bye to Tony and shutting the door behind her.

Maddie was sitting her room, she hadn't come out since Beth had died,

"Maddie, I think its time you came out of there, go for a walk or something, clear your head!" said Tony, he knew how she felt, she'd just lost her Mother,

"I'll come out later!! If i have to" replied Maddie, lifting her head up from the pillow,

"Maddie, dont you think you should go and see Ric? He's worried about you, we all are" said Tony, Maddie couldn't spend her whole life locked up in her room, she had to move on, its what her mother would of wanted her to do,

"fine!! I'll come out, I'll go for a walk or something!!" replied Maddie unlocking her bedroom door and walking out,

"do you want something to eat, Colleen just brought some macaroni and cheese over for us" said Tony, offering Maddie some lunch,

"um no thanks, I'll pick up something from the diner with Ric!" replied Maddie, slipping on her jandles,

"ok, so i'll see you soon then!" said Tony, watching Matilda walk out the door.

Maddie walked along the beach bare footed, she could see Ric in the distance, she ran up to him, she needed him right now, he was all she had left besides Tony and Lucas,

"wanna go and get some lunch or a drink?" asked Ric, grabbing hold of Maddie's hand,

"um yeah ok, that'll be nice!" replied Matilda, she was glad she decided to come out of her room,

"I'm glad you came out of your room, i was starting to worry about not seeing you anymore" said Ric, walking up the beach towards the diner,

"yeah me to, I missed you, and Tony kinda convinced me to come out!" replied Maddie, leaning her head against Ric's shoulder,

"I'm glad he did that then, or i would of had to come and chisel the door open!" said Ric, joking with Matilda.

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Anyone like it??

i like it but there is something missing. if mattie had been locked up in her room for a whole week. wouldnt tony had been trying the whole time to convince her to come out before hand and even when she did come out she wouldnt walk along the beach and run straight up to ric, she would hesitate and let ric see her first before walking up to him....im just wondering but the rest of it is good especially colleen lol :lol:

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