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One-on-One Artwork Tournament #3 - The Final

Guest -Karen-

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One-on-One Artwork Tournament #3

The Final

The Challenge

It's 2015 and Lucas Holden is about to have his first novel published. The story is about the intrigue, romance, happiness, sadness, tragedy and betrayal among a small group of residents of a coastal town called Summer Bay. Lucas is just putting the finishing touches to his book and the publishers have approached Flutterby Designs and sevenpuddings Ltd. to produce the artwork for the front cover.

The Entries





Please vote for your favourite cover and giving reasons/comments/constructive critisism/etc.

Voting will close on Wednesday 11th July at 8pm UK time. :)

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Wow:o They are both amazing! It's hard to make a decision.

But I have to chose, so my vote goes to flutterby. I love the purple effect and I love the fonts. And If I have to buy a book, then I would definetly buy this book because off the lay-out. It's amazing :)

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Both very, very good! But I am going with Flutterby because the layout of the design is very eye-catching and very diverse. Every time I look at it, I see something I like, that I hadn't noticed before. It is also very professional looking, with the comments from critics on the side. Also the blending of the pictures is very good.

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Both are simply amazing and are some of the prettiest stuff I've ever seen! But i'm going to have to go with sevenpuddings. It really looks different, like the design is so different to most book covers you see. It just has that thing where if you were to see it on a bookshelf, you would want to grab it immediately and see what it's about...if you get me.

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Sevenpuddings: Your entry is cool, the colouring on the cover is excellent and the contrast between this and the black and white images really makes sure they stand out. I love the seven sins thing, it's something that goes on day in, day out in the bay and just the sort of thing that would make an interesting read (should it be a real book-that is). The texture used on the background is ace and the text fits really well with the mood. Excellent effort showing that a lot of thought went into the design.

Flutterby: Love it, love it, love it. The colouring of the images and the negative down the side are great. I also like that you chose different images on the negative's bit cause this gave us more of an insight into the characters. The font used goes really well and the book like features down the side make it very lifelike. The textures and brushes used along with the authors name bit are truly beautiful. Not sure on the whether the story is very likely but seen as that is not what the comp is about I wont worry too much.

Both entries are truly amzing and I would honestly give both books a read if I saw them in the book shop (everyone knows its the front cover that sells a book really). A really hard choice but my vote goes to Flutterby. Believe me this was a really tough call, I guess that is why you are both in the final. Good Luck to both of you xxx

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They are both stunning and very interesting story ideas.

sevenpuddings - I really like the background and the fonts matches really well. I also like the use of the greyscale images. The blending is great to get them like that. They really stand out. I also like the banner across the book with the list of the sins. It breaks up the cover really nicely.

flutterby - Again, I really like the background and the way the title and name match. The blending is great of the two pictures. The photo strip on an angle down the side is really good too, the way it blends into the background emphasises the two main pictures.

A tough choice but my vote goes to Flutterby. They are both amazing and I would definitely read them.

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