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Tony Video

Guest -Karen-

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I couldn't resist making a video about Tony's last couple of months

and how he struggled to cope since Beth died.

It does contain spoilers for non-Aussies so be warned.

You can download it here or watch it on you tube here! The song I have used is my old favourite 'Fix You' by Coldplay. I tried to make the scenes match the lyrics where possible so I hope it works OK. <_<

Enjoy! :)

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Karena what can I say??...another amazing video. Using 'fix you' was perfect for the video and one of my favourite Coldplay songs too :P. All the clips went together sooooo well and they usually change when the music is either slower or faster etc. There are a few clips in there from yesterdays Aussie episode, which I was very pleased about as I haven't seen it yet, so it was a nice preview :P. You combined a great mix of scenes. I loved the way it ended with him on the beach,

he looked so lonely


Fantastic job Karena!! You are sooooo amazing for making videos, every one of them is incredible so a huge well done and a huge hug *hugs Karena* :P.

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