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I Kissed Your Lips and Held Your Hand

Guest ~Rosey~

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Type of story: undecided

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack/Martha, Gabriella(Ella)

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Not sure yet.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Find out when you read on. [:

Hi. As you can see I have deicided to start another fic :P I hope you all like it. Just so you know, Ella in this fic is a made up charachter. Well technically no, all the infomation about her is actually about my 7 year old cousin, but some of the stuff I had to change. My cousin was born on that date but 2 years eailer. Yeah. Anyhow, please read and tell me if I should continue. Sorry its short, but I have my TV calling me :P:)

I kissed your lips and held your hand – Chapter 0 - Introduction.

Martha got her daughter Gabriella ready for her first day at kindergarten. For the past 2 years, Ella had been going to preschool and she was now old enough to start at the new school. Ella Jane Holden was born on the 1st January 2002. Martha had found it very hard during the final stages of the pregnancy, because it was the middle of summer and the temperature ranged from about 20 to 40 degrees. Martha Mackenzie was married to Jack Holden. She then changed her last name to Holden.

As she continued to get her gorgeous daughter ready for her first day at school, Jack stood at the kitchen bench preparing to get Ella’s lunch ready. Today was the 1st February, the day most children returned to school after a long break for summer. Ella and Martha walked down the stairs and into the kitchen area. Jack smiled at his little girl. She was finally growing up!

Ella sat at the kitchen table, on a chair, demanding her breakfast. She also demanded that she wanted Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch, was Jack got to work on. Ella ate her breakfast, and then went back upstairs to put what she might need in her little bag. She put in a few pencils and textas. She then added everything else in her room that she wanted. She filled up about 6 bags, and lugged them downstairs.

“Sweetie, what have you got there?” her mother asked her in shock seeing all the bags.

“Well you see Mummy, this is all the stuff I need for school.” She replied

Martha looked in all the bags. She found soft toys, a fan, books, pillows, shoes, videos, a light and more clothes. Martha looked at her daughter and laughed

“Darling, your not going to need all this.” Martha told her, taking most of the stuff out

Ella just sat there with a blank look on her face while she was watching her Mum take almost everything out and put in what she actually needed.

The 3 of them then left the house, Ella walking in the middle of them, as they set off for her first day at school.

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Feel really sick right now so have decided to right a chapter. :)

Note: Kim wasnt infertile or whatever they call it <_<

I kissed your lips and held your hand – Chapter 1

Jack, Martha and Ella continued to walk down Summer Bay road. They saw other little kids walking down, none of which they knew. They had only been here for a year. The rest of the time they had spent living in Tasmania. Martha was hoping that her daughter would make new friends on the first day. She was hoping that she would fit in.

They arrived at the school and the gates were open. She saw kids lining up with their parents and the teachers standing in front of them. Martha, Jack and Ella went to join the line.

“Good morning parents and students, and welcome to Summer Bay Public. My names Mrs. White and I’m the head teacher of Kindy.” The women, standing in the middle explained.

The teachers that were standing out the front continued to talk about the school. Ella started to get bored and looked around the school ground. She saw monkey bars and a huge slide. Her eyes lid up. She loved slides. Her mum tapped her on the shoulder

“Sweetie, listen to the woman.”

Ella jumped, as she was lost in her own world.

The kids were then divided up into class and given buddies for the day. Martha was glad the school had a buddy system. Ella was paired with a girl called Lilly and they were both sent off into the room labeled KR. Ella didn’t really want to leave her parents. But Lilly was energetic and wanted to go in that room straight away. The 2 kids said goodbye to there mothers, and then hugged each other, running off into the room, with a door painted bright pink.

Martha and Jack walked out of the school, hand in hand.

“So now were free until 2pm. Feel like doing anything?” Martha asked him

Jack looked at his watch, it was now 10:30.

“Diner sound good to you?” he answered.

Martha nodded and they both began walking in the direction of the diner.

Back at school, a dark figure had just walked into the 2 big black gates. A box of matches in one hand and a tank of petrol in the other. The fuigure walked up to the classroom with the bright pink door, let outthe petrol everyhere, lit a match and walked away. Flames started straight away.

Inside the classroom, everyone could smell smoke. One of the kids, Erin, who belonged to Rachel and Kim went over to the door and saw flames. She started running around the room and the other kids started screaming.

Suddnely, the door started to burn down and the flames were getting worse. The door had pracvtically burnt and now there was nothing between the kids and the flames

---Will the kids be okay?

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