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Willow the cat!

Guest emmasi

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I know what you're thinking, how could Creature Features, hosted by the one and only Corey Henderson (aka Adam Saunders) possibly get any better!? Well! They just had story about Bree's cat, Willow!! He's an Australian Mist, and his name really is Willow because that's what the script writers named him :P

They showed the animal trainer picking him up from the breeders, and before that they had footage of her handling Bob and Springsteen. And then after she picked up Willow, they showed footage of the episode where Zeke gave him to Bree - it was so cute ^_^

Sorry, I love cats, I love Corey, and I love Neighbours - this is a little exciting for me!! lol. If anyone's in a different timezone, it's on at 4.20pm on the ABC :)

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She just got confused...

Willow is the cat.

Springsteen is the rooster.

Bob is the dog.

They were all on Creature Features, but the story was about Willow.

It doesn't matter anymore anyway... Creature Features is gone, and so is Corey... gone!! *Cries*

Meanwhile, how cute was Willow the other night when Pepper put the icecream on the plate, and Willow started eating it while she was talking to Rosie :D?

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