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Willow the cat!

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  • 2 months later...

I just emailed Corey... Adam... Creature Features... to see if we can't get some H&A people and their pets on there. Corey must have connections, surely, and if Neighbours was allowed on there, H&A should be...

Anyway, I saw this at the website and thought someone might be interested in watching it. It should be the clip about Willow, there's an article about the breed too:



EDIT: Just checked the Celebrity Pets list (I didn't see it there before...) Turns out that Bec Cartwright has been on it, but not with Corey. So that doesn't count. Here's her article:


And here is Kyal Marsh's. Also not with Corey, but lookit how cute the fluffy puppies are!! ^_^:



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