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Hope it's ok for me to make a topic on this here. I know this section is focused mainly on digital art, but thought maybe there would be interest for art in general and maybe also "unconventional" art.

I recently got really into crafting. It started with knitting, felting and making bags like this:


The came the sewing and bags like this


and this


and this


I also make coin purses and wallets:


Just now, before the weekend, I moved on to 3D-items... And launched a new brand as a part of my "Mercury-Design"-line, called "Marsters":

Here are two Dibleys


I just made this Marster-coin purse, and I'm actually very pleased with it

cf63363a.jpg - this one's for sale, but I made me one too:


Thanks for looking!

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LOL! Thank you, both. I just started knitting 3 or so months ago, sewing 2 months ago and 3D-items a few days ago. It's all about practice, but of course, I may be genetically disposed :P My mom used to sew all her clothes (before she had kids, that is :P)

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My creativity comes and goes. Really. My problems makes it hard for me to concentrate or even motivate myself, so I go with the flow whenever I'm feeling good.

thats the same with me! great work you have a talent for this!! i want them all!!! lol

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