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Is Fox real? I haven't been watching every episode but the only scenes I've seen him in he's only talked to Paul. Has he talked to anyone else? Cause if not, I'm gonna say he's a figment of Paul's imagination. And I approve :)

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Current thinking is that he is a hallucination of Paul's (as a result of his brain tumor), which actually makes the most sense I reckon.

In the first scene that they *met*, where he stole Paul's food, he seemd to already know all about Paul's life, making reference to his illness and Elle, and Paul didn't question it at all.

So, yeah, considering that this is Neighbours after all, I am jumping on the hallunication bandwagon.

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Then we're all agreed ^_^

I noticed that about the first meeting too, he seemed to know a bit too much. But it was subtle - people do talk in Erinsborough, so he *might* have heard it from someone...

His first name is Cameron!? I didn't know that! I'd say that pretty much clinches it right there! But if not, the way the guy acts and maybe even looks strikes me as a combination of Dylan and Elle - Paul's favourite kids (in my biased opinion).

The wolfwhistling interested me because Rosie (I think) only asked Paul if he'd done it - she didn't look at Fox at all...

Meanwhile, how great is the name Fox? Do we know if Paul is an X-Files fan :D?

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I think I'm in love. The way he was taunting Paul, not to mention that towel... What does it say about Paul that he's halucinating an attractive teenage boy in a towel?? It says he's got good taste, that's what :D

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