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The Ride Of Your Life

Guest ~Rosey~

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Type of story: 2 or 3 part.

Rating: T

Main Characters: Whole cast (sorta)

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Nah.

Is Story being proof read: Nope

Summary: Matilda, Belle and Cassie spend a day at the Sydney Royal Easter show. But tradedy will occour.

Hey guys. This is my new fic that I've been writting for the past couple of days. Please read and review :) Thanks.

It was that time of year again. It was the time of the year that the Sydney Royal Easter show was opening for another 13 days. The only theme park that was in Sydney, was Luna Park. It was extremely fun but it was also pretty expensive to go to. Thee Easter show was also pretty expensive, but because it only came once a year, the town made the most of it.

Matilda, Cassie and Belle decided they would all go this year. These 3 friends got along pretty well, having fights occasionally, but most of the time they acted like best friends. The Easter show opened on Thursday the 5th of April, but at that time they were obviously going to be at school, so they decided the best time to go would be on the Saturday. Easter Saturday. They realized that the show would properly be very crowded on that day but they didn’t want to wait any longer.

The week went by really slowly but finally Saturday arrived. The 3 girls were very excited. It was the first time they had been to the show without a parent. They set off early on Saturday morning. They caught an L90 from Palm Beach and into the city. When they finally got in the city, it was about 9am. They went to Central Station and got a train from there.

They finally arrived at the Easter Show at 10, and walked in, buying tickets for rides along the way. They couldn’t decide what to do first. After a lot of disagreeing, they decided to get the show bags. After waiting in a long line to walk in the show bag arena, they finally were allowed in. None of them knew what they wanted and it was a time like this that they wished their parents were with them. They always had an idea of what they could buy. They walked around for what felt like ages trying to decide on what they could afford

“If I don’t decide soon, I’m just going to go and buy the Barbie one. Hey, look, its only $5 and has a Barbie doll along with Ken in it” Belle said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

Matilda smiled at her friend. After all the fights they have had in the past, they were finally friends.

After another half an hour of walking around and treading on peoples feet, they were finally out of that area. Belle had gotten the Supre bag. It came with a really cool bag in it. It also had vouchers, a cd and a whole lot of other stuff. She also got the Bertie Beetle 3 in 1 triple deal. It had a lot of chocolates and just what she wanted to pig out on when she got home.

Cassie got the Smash hits showbag. She liked those kind of magazines. She also choose the Freddo and Yupi showbags.

Matilda got the Dolly one, but only because it had a gorgeous necklace. She already had all the magazines but she could easily give them to some one else. She didn’t have any more money to spend in that place so she decided not to get anything else. She was saving her money for the rest of the day.

By the time that was over it was 11am. The girls could not believe they had just wasted 2 hours of the Easter Show in the Showbag arena. They walked around for abit more, and finally decided to hire a large locker. They were sick of carrying the showbags around everywhere they went.

Belle then decided it would be smart of them 3 to go on the rides now, as the lines wont to bad and they might be worse later on. Once again, there were a whole lot of rides to choose from. They had 30 tickets each and most of the rides were 6 or 7 tickets each. These 3 girls wont afraid of anything. They first of all decided to go on the ride that looked the scariest out of them all. It was called the slingshot. One person at a time they would get put in a rounded cage that was completely closed up. This ride would fire the person up into the air, in the matter on 1.2 seconds.

The 3 girls really wanted to go on this but they had another argument about who would go first, but since it was a one-person thing, it certainly wasn’t easy to decide. Belle finally gave in and went and gave the women her tickets. She led her to the cage and closed the door after she had got in. The women went and sat her seat, and Belle sat in the cage, not really knowing what to expect.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the lever being pulled. And before she knew it, she was off into the air. She screamed as the ride went up. And then it stopped at the top. It spun around for about 20 seconds and then came down with great speed. Belle couldn’t stop screaming but she was having a lot of fun. She got out of the cage and Matilda had just given the women her tickets. Belle told her to have fun and went down to talk to Cassie.

Matilda had her go on it, screaming even louder then Belle. Then it was Cassie’s turn. She didn’t scream at all. Belle and Matilda were shocked. Cassie told them she wasn’t really afraid, and said it was a great ride.

They walked around for abit more, trying to find rides that wont so babyish. At the other end of the show, they found a roller coaster. Not many people were going on it and it didn’t look that stable. They didn’t know weather they should go on it or not. They decided they would. It meant that they wouldn’t have to line up for a long time and on top of that it actually looked really fun. They both got in the same car, and luckily it was a 3 seater. This was one of those rollercoasters where the car went upside down. The cars were covered and the door wee locked. They were trapped inside.

The car stated moving along the tracks. It creaked as they went along. Belle didn’t think this was such a good idea after all. They were the only people on it and because of the creaking, it didn’t sound good. Belle just knew that something was going to go wrong but she couldn’t but her finger on it, until the twisting and turning started.

The had just had there first time of going upside down on this ride, and then it stopped. They were sitting upside down in the ca for about 5 minutes. The 3 girls were screaming. Belle tried to turn her head back onto the ground. She saw the ride attendant had disappeared and not many people were walking around this part of the Easter Show. Belle knew that this ride was a setup.

She heard more creaking, and something was starting to crack above them. The tracks came loose and the whole thing clasped on the ground. Belle, Cassies and Matilda’s world turned black.

At the NDH, Rachel and Hugh were on call out. They could get a call at any time to go to an accident. They were both sitting in the locker room, talking about old times. The only reason they were in there, is because of the call out thing. They had to get ready in record time. There was also a phone line in there, incase the phone outside was tied up.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Julie.

“Guys, your needed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Some Rollercoaster has crashed and it’s a mess on the ground. According to some on lookers, there are 3 young girls trapped in there. The only way you guys will be able to get there quickly is by the helicopter. There’s going to be one arriving any minute” Julie explained.

As if right on queue, they could hear the plane landing outside.

Rachel thanked them and they both went into separate change rooms to change their clothes. And in record time, they were ready.

They got out and into the helicopter where the pilot flew them to the show. They finally arrived and explained to the guy who was selling tickets what they were hear for. He nodded and told them where to go.

They reached the spot where the bits of the Rollercoaster remained.

“This is worse then I expected.” Rachel looking at Hugh, who had a worried look on his face.

They took their heavy bags over to the roller coaster, and asked a lot of people to move so they could see who was trapped.

With some help of the people that were looking on, they moved the biggest piece of the track that was stopping them from getting to whoever was trapped.

Rachel ran over to the door that was actually useable while Hugh went and got more peoples help to move the rest of the tracks out of the way so at least he could get to the other door. Rachel was shocked when she saw who it was. Belle, Matilda and Cassie. She knew they had been coming today, but she didn’t expect this to happen. Rachel tried to get door open, but failed. She forced the lock with a hair tie, and finally got it open.

“Belle! Can you hear me sweetie?” Rachel frantically asked her.

She felt for a pulse but couldn’t find one. She knew it was already to late. She got Belle out and put her on the ground. She covered her with a blanket because her face was a mangled mess. Cassie was sitting next to her. By the looks of it, it was already to late for her. Rachel called Hugh over, who had finally finished everything she needed to do. He asked her what was going on and she told her that she knew these 3 girls. And 2 of them were dead, but she hadn’t got a chance to see how Matilda was.

Hugh helped her get Cassie out and then she went to go check on Matilda. And to her amazement, she found a pulse. She got her out and started checking her over. Matilda stated to come round and tried to sit up.

“Hey Mattie, its Rachel. You’ve been in an accident. Try and stay still for me darling”

“Where’s Mum? I want Mum”

“She’s in summer bay. Were going to get you there as soon as we can. Do you remember how this happened?” Rachel asked her softly.

“We were on the roller coaster….and then it crashed.” Matilda answered, starting to cry.

“Hey, Hey. Its okay. You gonna be fine” Rachel said, stroking Matildas hair out of her face

Before they knew it, they were both in the helicopter. Matilda had only just learnt about her friends. Before they left the Easter Show, Rachel had told her that she had to stay and help Hugh and that a paramedic was going to be flying with her. Matilda didn’t want to hear that. She really wanted Rachel to fly with her. So she asked Hugh. He said that was okay and that he would meet her at the hospital later.

They finally landed at the hospital, and Matilda was transferred onto a stretcher. Rachel was sure that she only had minor injuries. She was sitting in a very lucky spot. She didn’t take much of the impact that the others had.

She was wheeled into the hospital and treated.

Matilda woke up 2 hours later. She was surprised to still she Rachel sitting beside her, who at this time was half asleep. Rachel had Matilda’s hand inside hers. Matilda wriggled her hand, hoping that would catch Rachel’s attention. She had a tube down her throat so she couldn’t talk. Rachel got a fright and stood up, looking at Matilda.

“Hey Matilda. I’ll get rid of this tube for you and then I’ll tell you what happened.” Rachel told her.

She slowly removed the tube and Matilda coughed a little bit. Rachel got rid of the tube and sat down o the bed, telling her what had happened. Matilda wanted to know where her parents where. Rachel told her they hadn’t been able to get hold of them and so that’s why Rachel had stayed with her.

Matilda smiled. She was glad that Rachel was still there. She would of hated waking up alone.

“You can go if you really have to” Matilda told Rachel

“No its okay. I want to stay with you until your parents get here.” Rachel said softly to her.

Matilda felt something wet under her. She started crying. Rachel noticed this and asked her what was wrong.

“I didn’t even know that I needed to go to the toilet and I think I just did.” She explained.

“Ah. I was going to tell you. But I thought I would wait until you wont as groggy. While you were being operated, the doctors here did a scan. You appear to have crushed your spinal cord when the roller coaster crashed. Which means you wont be able to walk again. Or feel anything below your waist. I’m really sorry Mattie”

More tears started growing in her eyes. How could such a perfect day just be ruined after going on a Roller coaster? She stated crying and Rachel hugged her.

“Hey. Its okay sweetie, just let it all out”

Matilda sat there crying in Rachel’s arms for the next hour or so.


How will the town cope with 2 deaths?

And where is Matilda’s family?

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