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Summer Bay Stick

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Story Title: Summer Bay Stick

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Everyone.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Comedy

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Its hard to explain, but the stick used to poke people to update has got a contract on HAA and is using its powers to fix up problems around the bay.

This is a joint fic between me and Sarah Lewis.

First - Sally & Rocco

Next- Peter & Amanda

Then- Kelli and Kitty

After- dont know

Summer Bay Stick

Sally walked down the stairs, she sighed as she wiped a stray hair to the side. She walked into the kitchen and set her sights on Rocco.

“Hey Rocco” she said, walking slowly towards him.

“Hey Sal” he replied, not looking up from his phone.

“I heard you’ve being seen Johnny behind my back”

“What!… no!”

Sally sighed.

“I didn’t want to do this Rocco but you leave me no choice…”

Rocco watched carefully as Sally pulled a large……

Stick from behind her back, has she gone crazy?.

“What are you going to do with that” he asked placing his phone in his pocket.

“This is the Summer Bay stick”

“Summer Bay stick?”

Sally nodded and looked down at the stick.

“It pokes people when they do or don’t do things that they are told”

Rocco frowned then laughed.

“Good one Sal” he said patting her shoulder as he headed upstairs. He stopped half way up the stairs as he felt he phone vibrated. It was a message from Johnny, again, He sat down on the stair and went reply when.


“Oww” he looked around, the stick lay at his feet and Sally stood at the bottom of the stairs.

“Who did you do that?” he asked, rubbing his arm.

“I didn’t” Sally replied “Why have you being seeing Johnny Rocco?” she walked up the stairs slowly.

“I haven’t”

The stick flew up and poked Rocco hard in the chest.

“Oww” he grabbed the stick and tried to snap it, but it only got hotter and hotter till he had to let go.

“Rocco I thought you were out of the gang”

Rocco looked at Sal, then his phone then the stick.

“I was but he’s threatening me Sal, I don’t know what to do” Rocco cried, Sally walked up to him and sat next to him.

“Its okay Rocco we’ll stop him I promise”



The stick flew up off the stair well and out the door, it’s job here was done. It was time to sort out the mess over at the Vales.

Drew and Leah sat eating their ice creams in peace when suddenly a stick flew though Drew’s.

“What the…”

Leah sighed and put her hand on her head.

“It’s a long story and you wouldn’t believe me”

“Leah, this is Summer Bay, people came back from the dead, you could tell me popcorn was about to take over the bay and I’d believe you”.

Next up, Poor Peter learns the power of the Stick!

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Lmfao who came up with this Idea LOL? Anyways here's Chapter 2 =p:

Peter sat there staring at the stick, watching its every move, he didn’t want to be poked by it again, he had bruises from the last time he was poked by it, what he wanted to know was how it poked people on its own, with no one controlling it,

“stick stay where you are!!” said Peter, he couldn’t believe he was talking to a stick like that, what scared him was the stick replying to him,

“I have more power over you Detective!!” replied the stick, moving towards Peter,

“ha yeah but I can snap you into little bits!!” laughed Peter, backing away from the stick,

“that’s what you think, I’m unsnap able!!” replied the stick, poking Peter in the chest,

“ow! What was that for?” asked Peter, rubbing his chest where the stick poked him,

“for underestimating me!! You foolish Detective!” replied the stick, laughing at Peter and Poking him again,

“Amanda!! Help me please, this bloody stick wont stop poking me!!” screamed Peter, Amanda ran into the room,

“Pete, are you going crazy, that stick cant possibly poke you without anyone controlling it!” said Amanda, nearly laughing at what Peter said,

“it’s the truth Amanda, it really did poke me, watch out it’ll poke you soon” replied Peter, standing up from the ground,

“prove it then, I’ll believe it when it pokes me!!” said Amanda turning her back away from Peter and the stick,

“Hello miss Vale, I hear you’ve been a naughty girl, I only poke people who have been naughty!” replied the stick,

“me, me I’ve done nothing wrong uh yeah nothing, I’m a good little girl!” said Amanda, trying to move away from the stick,

“oh but your wrong, I’m the Summer Bay Stick I know everyone’s secrets!! You slept with Mr Johnny Cooper and Jack Holden!” replied The Stick, spilling out Amanda’s dirty little secrets,

“ah what I so did not do that, I wouldn’t do that to Peter, I’d never cheat on him!!” said Amanda, trying to deny what the stick just said, though she new it was the truth,

“don’t deny it Amanda, admit it and I wont poke you!” replied The Stick, poking Peter again, he let out a slight moan, he was in pain,

“ok!! I admit I slept with Johnny and Jack, but with Johnny I was drunk and me and Jack well it just happened by accident” said Amanda, telling the truth, she didn’t want to be poked by a stick,

“you dirty filthy slut Amanda, I thought you loved me!!” spat Peter, he was furious with Amanda,

“I, I do love you Peter, it was an accident I didn’t mean to do it!!” said Amanda, teary eyed,

“bull **** Amanda, if you loved me you wouldn’t have slept with Johnny and Jack!! replied Peter, he looked at the stick then turned away, he knew he was about to be poked and he was,

“Amanda I advise you to leave this house Immediately or I’ll poke you!!” said the stick, ordering Amanda out of her own house,

“what No! this is my house!! You can order me out of my own house!!” replied Amanda, watching the stick,

“oh yes I can lil miss Vale now scoot!!” said the stick, poking Amanda till she left the house.

Amanda had ran all the way to Leah and Dans house, she couldn’t believe she was thrown out of her own house by a stick,

“Leah, Dan, are you home” Amanda called out, she was puffing from the run,

“what do you want?” asked Leah, she had done the same thing as Amanda, that’s why the stick had already come to her,

“The stick, it chased me out of my own house!!” said Amanda,

“what did you do, I cheated on Dan with Rocco!” replied Leah, she couldn’t believe she had done that, ruined her marriage,

“same thing, I cheated on Peter with Jack and Johnny, how come the stick didn’t kick you out?” asked Amanda,

“ew Johnny, Amanda that’s wrong!! No the stick has given me a week to move out” replied Leah, siting on the couch with Amanda,

“least he didn’t kick you out straight away, I’m officially homeless now!” said Amanda, she couldn’t believe she as homeless,

“you can stay here if you want till I have to moved out at least” replied Leah,

“what, really, that’d be great, thanks Leah!!” said Amanda, she wouldn’t be homeless for a week.

Next up Kitty and Kelli!!

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We will take the flood of comments as a sign to keep going lol

Kitty walked into the mansion.

“Hello anyone home?” she called out to the silent house.

That was strange, no one was home, she shrugged and walked in to the kitchen where on the table laid a stick. Not just any stick, the Summer Bay Stick.

She jumped back as it floated into the air.

“I am the stick, I’m here to stop Kelli”

“Um I’m…”

“Kitty, that does not matter”

Kitty nodded slowly and shoved the stick into her handbag.

“Hey watch it” the stick cried out.

“Kelli I can not allow you to ruin you sisters wedding”

Kelli sighed and rolled her eyes, why did Kitty have to be such a pain about this, why couldn’t she just by pass this whole nonsense about her caring about Amanda and take the money?.

“Im sorry mum but I am going to make Amanda pay for what she did to me and there’s nothing you can do”

“You’ve gone mad”

“No I just want revenge”

“I had hoped not to have to resort to this, but”

Kitty revealed a stick from her handbag.

“If you ruin you sisters wedding I shall poke you with this stick!”

“No mum, not the stick”

“Yes darling, the stick”

The way Kitty stroke the stick in her hands was scary and disturbing.

“You wouldn’t use the stick against your own daughter!”

“I will have to if you go ahead with your plan, we could be a happy family. You, me, Amanda, Peter, Ryan, Belle, that stripper guy you like”.

Kelli sighed and watch the stick, she could of sworn the stick glowed for a second.


Kitty smiled and walked into the kitchen to get the wine to celebrate, as she left Kelli pulled out her phone.

“Ethan, we have to get rid off Kitty and the stick”

“What stick”

Kelli sighed and rolled her eyes, she felt something poke her back. She slowly turned around.

“You will leave now and never come back”

Kelli froze in shock as the stick talked to her.

“Your just a stick, Oww”

Ethan opened the door to the mansion.

“What’s going on”

“We’re leaving” Kelli yelled, running out of the room with the stick on their tails.

“Kelli, Kelli where are you” Kitty frowned as she entered the lounge. Oh well she thought, there was time for a drink before Amanda got home. Pouring her self a cup she stopped as the stick floated in front of her.

“Oh okay” she moaned putting the bottle back into the fridge, the stick hovered for a second before taking off.

“Hehe” Kitty took the bottle of wine back out and poured a glass.


The stick poked her again, and again. Groaning in pain she put the glass down and the bottle back into the fridge.

“Good girl”

next up Belle

Then Rocco again

After- I don't know, ask Sarah Lewis lol

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=P Thanks LainyLoo =p Here's part 4

Part 4,

The stick was walking along the beach, it had spotted Belle kissing Lucas, it snuck up behind Belle,

“aren’t you with Drew?” asked the stick getting ready to poke Belle,

“uh yeah I am!!” replied Belle, moving away from Lucas and the stick,

“then what are you doing kissing Lucas? asked the stick, poking Belle on the back,

“Oww that bloody hurt!!” replied Belle, groaning in pain, rubbing her back where the stick had poked her,

“good, it was meant to hurt!! “ said the stick, poking her again this time in the arm,

“god damn it stop poking me, so unfair stupid stick!!” spat Belle running away from the stick, she ran up to the Surf Club and pulled a cigarette from her pocket and was about to light it when the stick appeared,

“that’s bad for you, you know, so I wouldn’t light it if I were you!” said the stick,

“for god sake stop stalking me!! I’ll do what I god damn please, your not my Mum!!” spat Belle, putting the cigarette in her mouth and lighting it,

“I warned you not to light it, you leave me with no choice!” said the stick, poking Belle on the hand, it threw the cigarette out of her hand,

“would you go away you pathetic stick, I’m getting sick of you!!” screamed Belle walking away from the stick for a second time.

Belle walked into the mansion, there was a letter on the table from Kelli, it said she couldn’t stay here any long and if we wanted to blame, anyone blame the stick, Belle was already angry with the stick, but now she was furious, it made her aunty disappear,

“Mum? Kitty? Are you home?” Belle called out, she spotted the one thing she didn’t want to see, the stick,

“I wish the stick would just leave me and my family alone!!” Belle whispered to herself, she hadn’t known the stick heard her,

“and that’s what I shall do if you be good” replied the stick, sitting on the edge of the bench,

“what all I did was kiss Lucas, I didn’t do anything naughty!” said Belle, talking calmly to the stick,

“you love Drew don’t you, you left Lucas to get back with him” replied the stick, lightly poking her on the arm,

“well yeah, I guess well I didn’t mean to kiss him, it, it just happened cant we just forget it happened and I swear I’ll be good from now on” said Belle, trying to compromise with the stick,

“you keep that promise though Belle, or there’ll be some serious poking going on!!” replied the stick, floating out of the mansion.

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Rocco looked around nervously as he walked down the street in the dead of night, Johnny had demand to see him and Johnny scared him more than the stick.

Picking up his pace, he turned down an alley to take a shortcut.


He turned and glared at the stick that floated smugly behind him.

“Didn’t you promise Sally never to be in the gang ever again.”

The stick demand poking Rocco again.

“Yeah” Rocco said, feeling guilty for betraying Sally’s trust.

“But Johnny will kill me if I don’t do what he wants”.

“Who are you talking to little brother” Johnny called out, staring at Rocco.

“Johnny I can’t be in the gang anymore, the stick said so”

Johnny looked at Rocco and bust out laughing.

“Wrong answer little brother”

Johnny marched over to Rocco, tripping over the stick. Lying on the ground to be face to face with Johnny the stick poked him on the nose.

“You will leave the Bay and Rocco”

Johnny glared at the stick.

“Your just a stick, I can break you”

He grabbed the stick and tried to break it before dropping it in pain.

“Owww, that was hot”

He cried out sucking his poor fingers.

“You will leave now” the stick ordered, poking Johnny in the back.

“Now!” the stick poked him harder in the arm.

“Okay, okay evil crazy stick Im going, your not worth it Rocco”.

Johnny hopped onto his motorcycle and took off.

“Thanks” Rocco said, trying to shake hands with the stick.

“Your welcome” the stick replied before poking him hard in the chest.

“Oww what was that for”

“You shouldn’t have those kinda thoughts about Amanda, even if she does sleep with everyone”.

With that the stick flew over to solve it next crime.

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Part 6,

The stick had finally caught up with Ethan and Kelli, it was the sticks job to convince Kelli to leave Ethan and go back to the bay to her family,

“Kelli you must go back to the bay, your family need you, especially your sister, Peter broke up with her!” said the stick,

“what, you want me to go back to the bay after you chased me out of the bay” replied Kelli, she was confused, she didn’t know what the stick wanted, one minute it wanted her out of the bay the next it wanted her to go back,

“yes, you must go back to the bay, she really needs you, the truth about Ethan is he’s only using you!” said the stick, and that was the truth Ethan was just using Kelli,

“what, why would Ethan use me for, he loves me!” said Kelli, well she was led to believe Ethan loved her,

“he’s using you to get back at Kitty after he’s finished with you he’s going to kill you, he’s done it before Miss Vale!” replied the stick, it wanted to help her,

“ha, I’ll kill him before he can kill me! I’ll go back to the Bay then if I must” said Kelli, a big smile across her face, she was going to be good this time, she was going to help her sister,

“I’ll take care of Ethan, you just get back to your sister, I’ll catch up with you later!” replied the stick, watching Kelli drive off, leaving Ethan at the side of the cliff.

Irene was sitting on the beach, having a romantic picnic with Barry Hyde, the stick was after him, he had been a naughty man in the past few years, most recently murdering the town mayor Josh West,

“uh Barry behind you” said Irene she saw the stick about to poke Barry,

“what’s behind me Irene?” asked Barry, he didn’t dare look, he didn’t want to know what was behind him,

“it, it’s the Summer Bay Stick and its about to Poke you! said Irene, her big eyes gawking at the stick,

“Irene help!! Get it away from me!!” screamed Barry, slowly getting up and running from the stick,

“you cant run from me Hyde, I’ll always know where you are!!” yelled the stick, catching up to Barry

“please don’t poke me!!” cried Barry, covering his face,

“oh mummy, mummy the sticks going to poke me help me save me!!” said the stick, teasing Barry and poking him in the cheek,

“ow!! Please leave me alone!! I wont murder another person I swear!!” replied Barry, pleading with the stick,

“you wont get the chance to mate, your going to turn yourself in!” said the stick,

“ok I’ll turn myself in, I’ll go and do it now” replied Barry, anything not to get poked by the stick,

“good bye Barry, I’ll be watching you to make sure you go, if you don’t you’ll be poked and harder this time!!!” said the stick, following behind Barry.

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