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The Plan That Has Come To An End!

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: The Plan That Has Come To An End

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, Romance

Does story include spoilers: yes

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: Peter and Belle discover the truth about Kelli but are they both two late to save Amanda?

Chapter one - The Final stages

Ethan and Kelli sat holding hands on the beach looking at the sea, "I can't believe we have nearly finished her for good" Kelli smirked looking up at Ethan.

"Yes then we can get back to living our lives baby, I have missed waking up next to you so much" Ethan grinned kissing Kelli roughly.

Belle sat in the dinner eating her muffin when she saw Peter entered looking over at her. "Hey" Belle said as he sat in front of her.

"What's up?" Peter asked as he noticed Belle didn't seem herself.

"It's just…" Belle said but stopped talking as Colleen gave Pete his coffee.

Peter smiled, "Belle, you can tell me anything. You do know that don't you," Peter said softly.

Amanda sat at home staring at the bottle of wine that sat in front of her, could she stop after one drink, she thought to herself. She reached for the bottle turning the lid but stopped pushing it away from her. Holding her head in pain Amanda walked over to the cupboard looking for paracetamol.

"Its just…. I don't know there is something that keeps making me think that this isn't all as it seems" Belle told Peter.

"What do you mean?" Peter asked confused.

"I really don't know, it's just a feeling that I've got…" Belle tried to explain to Peter.

"Its probably because your missing your mum and Ryan"

"I'm sorry, this must be hard for you as well" Belle said softly.

"Amanda and me are over, nothing could ever make me forgive her for what she did" Peter replied.

Belle quickly changed the subject, "So you not working today?"

"No you see being a detective allows you to go home when you want" Peter joked.

Belle laughed at Peter, "That's better, the smiles back" Peter said grinning.

"You know what you need?" Peter asked Belle laughing.

"No what?" she replied confused.

"A good old surf" Peter laughed.

"Me on a surf board now that is something no one will ever see" Belle said with a serious look on her face.

Peter got up from his seat, grabbing the last of Belle's muffin and throwing it in his mouth as Belle looked on shocked that he had just eaten the last bit of her muffin.

"How dare you" Belle said still shocked.

Peter kept smirking at her as he grabbed her arm and her bag and dragged her out of the Dinner towards the beach.

"I can walk you know" Belle said trying to get away from Peter.

Peter suddenly stopped looking at Belle as he said, "if I let you go will you walk on your on accord to the beach?"

"Well…. Erm no" she replied sarcastically.

"Well I'm not letting go" Peter laughed as he dragged her further towards the beach until they reached his surfboard and towel.

Peter took his shirt off as he picked up the surfboard and ran into the water but stopped looking back at Belle, "Well if your not going to Surf at least have a swim?" he shouted smiling at her.

Belle reluctantly agreed as she stripped down to her bikini and went in to the water watching Peter trying and get on the Surfboard.

"I thought you could surf?" Belle shouted over to Peter who looked back as he splashed her.

Belle splashed him back laughing as Belle started to have a laugh but suddenly stopped just staring at Pete, "What's wrong?" Peter asked worried as he made his way further towards her.

Belle looked at him and the smile grew on her face, "ha" she said as she splashed him suddenly.

Peter started to laugh as Belle had just fooled him thinking something was wrong but really she was just being clever.

After about an hour of messing about Belle and Peter finally got out of the water and headed over to their towels to dry of.

Peter reached down at his mobile noticing 4 miss calls, "I'm really sorry Belle but its work I've got to go" he said regretfully.

"It's cool, thanks for today I really took my mind of everything," she said smiling.

Belle wrapped the towel around her self and headed down the beach to go back home.

As Belle walked further towards home she stopped and moved behind a bin as she looked over at Kelli talking to someone that Belle had never seen before, she reached in her pocket, taking her phone out and took some pictures.

Belle watched in shock as she saw her aunt lean towards the man kissing him passionately before handing him a brown envelope. More confused then ever, Belle saw Kelli get in her car and drive off and the man got in another car driving off as well. Walking back home, Belle kept thinking over and over about Kelli and more importantly what the hell was in the envelope.

Belle decided that she would go and confront Kelli, asking her who the man was and what was in the envelope. She quickly walked towards Amanda's house, she saw the postman approaching her smiling, "here you go," he said handing her Amanda's mail.

Belle took the mail and walked towards the front door, she stopped and glanced through the letters, noticing the letter that was addressed to Kelli what looked like a bank statement. Belle looked around making sure she wasn't being watched and folded the letter and put it in her pocket.

Belle still walked up to the house, knocking on the door but there was no answer, "Hello" she shouted but there was no reply. She placed the rest of the mail in the letterbox and walked away from the house.

Amanda frantically searched for her paracetamols, she eventually found them in the top cupboard next to a bottle of vodka that she remembered Kelli took from her the other week.

She took the chair from the table and put it besides the cupboard, slowly standing on the chair to grab the tablets and the vodka.

Kelli and Ethan sat in Kelli's car kissing roughly when she pulled back saying, "I have to go, there are just a few more things I need to take care of until we finish my darling sister of for good" Kelli said smirking.

Ethan agreed with her as he tried to kiss her again but Kelli pulled away and started up the car.

Belle sat on the sofa hesitating weather to open the letter, she didn't even know why she took the letter but it was just a spare of the moment thing to take it and walk away.

Amanda looked at the bottle of pills trying to read the recommended dosage but her vision was blurry and her head was pounding, she was in no fit state to be alone.

Belle was still staring and looking at the front of the letter, deciding weather to open it, she suddenly ripped the letter open and looked what the letter inside was about. Her eyes glimpsed up and down the paper until she stopped looking towards the bottom, gob smacked at what was printed in front of her eyes.


What has Belle read in the letter?

Why is going on with Amanda?

What is Kelli planning next?

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Aww, how cute were Pete and Belle? :wub:

Now that's how it should be - lack of Panda :ph34r:

Heehee I know I'll get mauled for saying it, but I hope Kelli gets away with it :ph34r: Although I know that'll never happen in this fic lol!

Wonder what was in the letter? :unsure:

Love it, Lil :) more soon

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Great start. Peter and Belle was cute :P, i wonder what is in the letter? Maybe it's a plan about the next move Kelli is going to do, and poor Belle if Kelli finds out she'll make sure Belle doesn't say anything one way or another. :ph34r:

Update soon. :)

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Chapter Two - The Peices Of The Puzzle that Don't Fit!

Belle sat shocked, she was confused and didn’t know what to think, Belle grabbed the letter and raced out of the house towards the police station.

Running as fast as she could, Belle eventually arrived at the station frantically looking for Peter but she was stopped by Lara, “Belle just calm down… Peter is on a call out”

“I… I need to see him urgently” Belle shot at Lara.

“Belle he is not here I will radio hi and tell him that you need to speak to him,” Lara said trying o calm Belle down.

Kelli slowly walked through the door as she looked at Amanda sitting at the table, “Hey Mandy” she said nicely.

Kelli placed her shopping bags on the table and smiled as she saw Amanda suffering, “Mandy I was thinking today that maybe you should write Peter, Belle and Ryan a letter telling them that you miss them” Kelli suggested.

“Yeah that sounds great” Amanda said stuttering.

Amanda slowly dragged herself up, reaching for the notepad on the table next to her.

Amanda began to write the letters as Kelli watched on smirking.

Belle tried staying calm but she couldn’t wait any longer for Peter, she ran back out the station… As she ran out the station she saw Peter drove into the station and quickly stopped the car.

He jumped out and ran towards her, “Belle what’s wrong?” he asked worried.

“You need to see this?” Belle said handing Peter the letter.

Peter took the paper confused as he was looking at a bank statement, “Belle what am I meant to be looking at?” he asked with a blank look on his face.

Belle looked at Peter angrily as she pointed towards the bottom on the page, Peter looked at Belle confused.

Peter walked into the station followed by Belle, “But why would Amanda give Kelli everything she had left?” Peter said confused.

“What, wait your saying this is all mum had left?” Belle asked shocked.

Peter nodded, “Yes, when we paid for the wedding Amanda told me that she would have to think about selling some of her shares because she had spent so much over the past few years…and the amount she has paid into Kelli’s account is roughly the same amount that she said she would have after the wedding.” Peter explained.

Belle looked at Peter shocked, “It just doesn’t make sense, no way would mum hand Kelli all that she has left”

“Belle where did you get this?” Peter asked curious, “does it really matter?” Belle asked trying to avoid telling him.

“Belle!” Peter shot at her looking serious.

“Ok… I went round to see mum and the postman brought the mail and I don’t know why but I just took her letter, I’m sorry” Belle said softly.

“It’s ok but I’m glad you did” Peter said smiling slightly.

Kelli walked downstairs carrying a suitcase and headed towards her car. Amanda had finished writing the letters and put them at the side of her and started to drink another glass of wine.

She started to get up and walked herself in the room Living Room falling on the sofa,

Kelli walked back in with her gloves on and started to read the letters that Amanda had wrote and put them on the floor next to Amanda.

Peter and Belle couldn’t work out why Amanda had given Kelli everything she had left but Peter was going to be even more confused when Belle said, “But that’s not all Pete, I saw Kelli handing this guy some brown package earlier and then well… she was more then friendly with him” Belle lifted her phone from her pocket showing Peter the pictures.

Kelli entered the Dinner and ordered a drink and a burger from Colleen.

Kelli watched as Colleen prepared her meal and started to walk over when Kelli’s mobile began to ring, “Kelli Vale” she said as she answered the phone.

“What? When did this happen?” Kelli asked worried.

“I will be there as soon as I can” Kelli said putting the phone down.

“I’m sorry Colleen but I have to go” Kelli said going to leave the Dinner.

“But… but what’s the rush?” Colleen asked confused.


Who was on the other end of the phone?

Belle and Peter start their investigation into Kelli

Is it too late for Amanda?

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