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Favourite Departed Character?

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For me, a character leaving is usually a sad occasion in H&A as I will most likely never see that character apart of the main cast again. So I ask of you all, out of the characters that left in 2004, 2005, and 2006, who was your favorite of each year? For me, I would say Hayley for the year 2005 and Flynn for 2006, for 2004 I can't decide between Jade, Max, or Seb...then there's Noah and Dani...I can't choose. <_<

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2004~Noah Lawson...I don't need a reason. Don't die of shock or anythng will you :o:P.

2005~Kane Phillips,He was a interesting character well played by Sam.

2006~Robbie Hunter,loveable,funny and made for Kim... :wink: .

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I'm so suprised you voted for Noah. :o

Anyway, though it was a hard choice...I voted Seb for 2004 because I think he would be the most interesting to bring back, Max was a close second. It seemed like quite a lot of characters came to Summerbay and left Summerbay this year.

Hayley because I grew up watching her, and it was sad to see her go, as I grew to like both Bec and Ella's version of Hayley.

While I prefered the first actor who played Flynn, I thought the cancer storyline was well acted, and will always remember Flynn.

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