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Story Title: Untouchable

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack & Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance/Action

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: V/D SC

Summary: Jack’s been working to bring down a series of illegal drug joints. When an unexpected surprise is thrown in his plans, will it compromise the mission and put his life and ultimately Martha’s, in danger?

Right, well this is my first long fic. I’ve pretty much never written anything else besides one shots, so please be nice. Umm some things you need to know: Martha and Jack never got married, although they were dating and broke up because of Jack working too much. Martha did meet Cam and is currently with him and Sam never existed. That’s it for now I think and as always please review.

The smoke billowed around her; choking her, leaving her gasping for breath. Screwing up her eyes, she felt around the solid walls of her box prison. Nothing.

‘Come on where is it!’

Her hands frantically scrabbled around the walls, searching, until she finally found what she was looking for.


The door was locked.

‘It can’t end this way’ Her mind was racing as tried the door handle again. Locked tight, he must have done it on his way out; making sure it was sealed shut so she couldn’t escape.

This was most certainly payback for what she had done to him, for everything that had happened these past weeks. In his eyes, she was getting exactly what she deserved and no less. ‘Justice, he called it right before he…’

Martha shook her head, the smoke in the room sending her into a violent coughing fit, before she slumped against the wall. She was trapped here for sure, with no way out.

“I’m going to die,” she whispered closing her eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…the smoke would get to her long before the fire would, at least that’s what he had said. His last parting words to her before the door was slammed shut in her face. ‘I’ll see mum again’ Martha thought as her consciousness began to fade. ‘And…and Jack, I’ll be with him again’

She opened her eyes one last time, smiling with that final thought in mind. ‘Jack’ As her world turned dark, Martha felt certain she could see him in front of her, calling her name one final time…

Three weeks earlier

“How much?”

Thompson eyed the man in front of him. Tall, with a sturdy build, slightly ragged and unshaven. There was no reason for him to suspect the newcomer, right? If the boss trusted him explicitly, then so should have Thompson. But there was something…a feeling he couldn’t shake, an instinct that told him Matt Sanderson, was hiding something. A very big something.

But so far he had been proved trustworthy; always on time, he delivered to all the right places, acted just like any other guy trying to make decent money. ‘So there’s nothing to worry about, absolutely nothing’ he reassured himself. He focused back on man in front of him

“200 in cash” Sanderson replied lazily, stretching back in the chair “And we don’t take credit cards if you’re wondering”

Thompson snorted, handing over the money “Don’t try to be funny, Kid. It doesn’t suit you”

Sanderson merely grinned, placing the bag of white powder on the table. “Well, others seem to think differently, don’t they?” he added winking at a passing waitress.

Thomson rolled his eyes, handing over the money. “Save the flirting for later, Casanova, we got business to attend to-”

“-But we’re almost done right?” he interrupted, his eyes still on the waitress

Thomson glanced Sanderson, before chuckling to himself. “Yeah, I guess we are” he stood up from the table, reading himself to leave.

“So same time next week?” Sanderson asked, glancing at him

Thomson shook his head “Next Friday, seven-thirty sharp. Don’t be late or else” he added with a warning note

“Have I ever been?”

“No, you haven’t so make sure it stays that way”

Sanderson shrugged, also preparing to take leave “Anything else?”

“Yeah…boss wants to see you in his office before you leave” Thompson turned away, but not before slapping him on the back. “And, you behave yourself ok?” he added with a wink.

With that he was gone, coat whipping out behind him.

Sanderson glanced at the stairs leading to the office. Seeing the boss could only mean one of a few things. He could either be getting fired, or if he was lucky, was getting promoted. Sanderson hoped it would be the latter, promotions in this joint meant bigger things; harder tasks, higher quality drugs and of course more money.

He paused at the in front of the door, preparing to knock. This was it…


“You’re moving me?”

The words hung in the air, Sanderson looking in surprise his boss. Not in a million years would he have expected this. Of all things…he was slightly taken by the fact there were more of these joints around.

“Why?” he asked looking confused “What for?”

His boss shuffled some papers around, before answering him. “One of the other blokes, in the other joints needs you. Well…a regular supplier anyway.”


His boss looked at him carefully before answering. “His old supplier disappeared; gone for a month and no body knows what’s happened to him. He heard about you from me, knows your reliable so-”

He nodded slightly, understanding not to ask anymore “When do I start?”


Sanderson broke into a smile “Really? Wow, that’s so soon. They must really-”


There was a slightly awkward pause before Sanderson stood up. “Well I’ll guess I’ll see you around”

His boss shook his hand. “Good luck to you, Mate.”

With that he turned, leaving the room, feeling extremely glad to be out of there.


Outside the cold wind whipped around him, stinging his face. Pulling his coat tighter to him, ‘Sanderson’ hurried to his car checking behind him to see if he was being followed. The parking lot was empty. Once inside the safety of his car, he pulled out his mobile phone, noting the two missed calls. Both from his father, he made a mental note to call him later. Right now, as he dialed the familiar numbers, he needed to make an important phone call.

“Talk to me, Jack” the voice answered at the other end “Please, tell me we’ve got something good”

“Nothing solid,” he replied, checking out the window again. “There still isn’t enough evidence to actually charge him; only that his others enterprises have been selling. If we bring him in now-”

“-He can claim that he has no knowledge of any activities going on there.” The voice finished for him ‘As well as that, we haven’t found drugs at any of his other joints. The charges won’t stick.”

Jack was silent for minute before, the man spoke again.

“So we’re basically back to square one-”

“-Basically yeah, except for one thing, Peter-“


“I got transferred to another joint,” Jack said, leaning back and closing his eyes. He was tired, so tired of everything. “I start tomorrow.”

“Where?” Peter asked, “Tell me somewhere good where we can-”

Jack hesitated slightly before answering back

“The Rocket Club”

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Excellent writing and a very interesting story!

Martha on the verge of dying and Jack already dead?!- The worst possible scenario; ever! lol

Great stuff though. He's going to the Rocket Club- this should be good :P

Really, really, really want to read some more. Please update when you can :)

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Jack's dead? :(

Hopefully, she's just seeing things. Or he's at the window, trying to get her out.

Yea, yea. That's what's going on. ;)

I can't read sad fics - and let's face it, this is going to be sad - but, I really want to read this. It's written really well! Damn you. I don't really read too many fics, it's hard to get hooked... but I just know this is going to be really good. Hmm, I'll probably end up reading it.. :P

Why do you write sad fics anyway? I remember your last one (it was hard to forget), the one shot. That was brilliant. God damn sad though! You made me cry, and I don't cry. I don't like to cry.

Damn you, yet again.

Right, I'll shut up now. And I'll most probably end up reading the next chapter. :P Please, make it happy. If not for me, for all J&M fans out there who have suffered these past months. :)

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That was a fab start!

It was really addictive reading, i love thins new storyline!

But i can't believe that Jack is dead, maybe Martha is seeing things before she goes unconscious and that it is Jack to the rescue! :D

Hope so, but before that, I can't wait to find out whats going to happen at the Rocket Club!

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oh wow you guys are awesome! thanks to everyone who reviewed it really means heaps to me. Also a note to Nicom, lol i'm not really sure why i end up writing angst fics, (habit i think). but i do in fact write happy stuff, (big shock i know :lol:) i wrote a happy fic ages ago at FF.net; you might have seen up there it's called 'Without Words'? anyway enough of my talk and on with next chapter!

Chapter 2

The keys clattered nosily on the table. Jack looked around the small cramped apartment, his home for the past two weeks. And hopefully not for much longer, he thought, shrugging off his jacket.

Checking his phone again, Jack remembered the two missed calls from his father. “Just checking to see if you’re alright” was the message left on his voicemail. Rubbing his forehead, he dialed the familiar number, waiting, listening for his father’s voice.

“Hey Dad,” he said, trying to sound cheerful “It’s me”

“Jack!” his father’s voice came “how’s it going?”

Jack smiled as he listened to father. God he missed this, all of this. The past weeks had taken it’s tole on Jack. Always being surrounded by his dad or Brother, he was usually rarely alone in the house. But his apartment, with its grey walls had felt like a prison to him. It wasn’t just the lack of space, Apart from the neighbour’s tv blaring loudly, it was almost silent in his apartment. Hearing the sound of laughter, of people talking on the other end of the phone; it made Jack miss home just that little bit more.

“So when are you coming home?”

Jack waited a minute before answering, careful not to say too much, lest his father suspected anything.

“I don’t really know,” he lied “I guess I’m having too much fun here”

His father laughed. “Well, that’s good son! I mean, I’m glad you’re having fun I just wish I was on that holiday with you; I could actually use one right now.”

“Mmm?” Jack said sitting down on the couch “Not complaining about work are we? The old man getting too old?” he teased

Tony laughed again “Hey! Watch you say about your dad, I may be getting old but I’m still-” He broke off at the sound of a voice, most likely Lucas, yelling something at him. His father answered something, which Jack couldn’t hear and this was followed by more laughter.

Jack smiled again, once again feeling that sharp pang in his chest. “Hey dad?” he said reluctantly “I’ve got to go”

“All right, I’ll let you go now mate” his father answered back “Just remember us when you’re surfing those giant waves on the beach”

He chuckled “I will, bye Dad”

“See you son…and Jack?”


His father didn’t say anything for a moment “Be careful, Ok?”

“I will”

Jack hung up the phone. Frustrated, he threw it across the room, where it landed somewhere. He hated do this to them, all the lying, the secrecy, he wanted it to stop. He wanted the past few weeks to disappear, for the mission to end so things could go back to the way it was. Already it was eating him, consuming him his thoughts and it had only been three weeks. Closing his eyes, his mind drifted to when Peter first announced his undercover role


He slammed his hand against the locker, the sound echoing in the empty room. She had done it, finally done it. After six months together, Martha had finally broken up with him and it was all his fault. Apparently, he had been working “too much”, and that he had broken to many promises for her to give him another chance.

Jack sighed. She was right. This past month in particular had been more straining than usual. It was a mission involving only a few police and detectives. Top secret and classified. No one was to know, and that included family and friends. The less people that knew, the better was Peter Baker’s conclusion. Was he in? Of course he had replied, feeling almost honoured to be chosen.

That was almost four weeks ago, when he thought his life couldn’t get any better. Now, after weeks of late nights staying back, secrecy, broken promises and ultimatums here he was, feeling more alone than he ever felt before. She still didn’t know about the mission.

A sharp knock on the door, forced him to look up.

“Hey, Jack” Peter greeted him “how are you going?”

Jack smiled grimly,” I’m fine” he lied “Just fine”

Peter nodded, going back into business mode. “You know the past month has been hard on all of us-”

‘-Hard doesn’t even begin to describe it-’

“-But I wanted to know if you were willing to go…undercover for us; it would help us push the operation a lot further”

“Why me?” he asked surprised “Why not you or-?”

Peter gave a short laugh “someone more experienced you mean? Well you know how popular I’ve made myself among the drug dealing community, with all those arrests and busts”

Jack nodded, realisation dawning on him “Let me guess; Detective Hanson’s in the same boat-”

‘-Mercer doesn’t think he’s up to it” Peter continued “And out of all the people who know about this operation, you’re the most experienced.”

“So you want me to do it?” Jack finally asked. Maybe this would be what he needed; to end the mission and for the meantime get his mind off Martha.

“Well, are you up for it?” Peter asked looking at him expectantly

End flashback

Jack groaned, letting his body sink into the soft cushions of the couch.

‘Are you up for It?’ the words still echoed in his mind. As much as he wished, he could take back his answer on the mission, a part of him enjoyed the danger and thrill that didn’t always come with his regular work. The adrenaline that pumped through him as he obtained vital information, when he found himself working along side the most dangerous people.

This was when his mind was completely focused on the mission, when he wouldn’t have to think about Martha. But at the end of the day when it was quiet, and he was sitting alone, she’d come back into his thoughts. It would be all he could think about, the look of complete devastation and hurt when she told him, the tears that streamed down her face and…her voice echoing over and over again.

The plan had backfired; being undercover was supposed to divert his mind, miss her presence less. But tonight, all alone in his empty apartment, he felt that he never missed her more than at this very moment.

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