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Story Title: Kidnapped

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D L

Summary: This is a story of Martha, who gets kidnapped. Will Jack be able to find her? Will she live or die?

Hey guys i hope you enjoy it will post next chapter tomorrow (australia time) its a short one and my first story.

Chapter 1.

Jack stepped out onto the porch and looked down at the beach, the waves were crashing perfect down the south end. All he wanted was to grab his surfboard and hit the beach. The smile swept from his face as he headed back inside to finish his breakfast. He was on duty this morning down at the police station. Usually summer bay is a quite place to live but when a crime hits its all hands on deck. He quickly got ready as he didnt wont to be late because the cheif would once again get angry at him. Typical jack. As he walked out of the front door he made sure he had everything. Deep inside him, he didnt feel right he felt sick. Not sick as in unwell but sick as in something bad has happened or going to happen. This is just what he needed another bad thing to happen to him. Great.

He buckled up. But before he started to head off his phone started to ring. He thought to himself "god who could it be now."

But before he got to it they hung up. He opened his phone "martha" what was she doing ringing him at 8 in the morning. Oh well im sure shes fine. He arrived at work, everything was chaos. What was happening, nothing ever seemed to be quite anymore. Chief came up to him and said "meet me in my office in 5" Oh Gosh he thought to himself. He wasnt late was he. 8:15 he actually was 5 minutes early. "gee i hope his clock is write"

"Jack we have a big case on our hands and i wont you to be chief of it. Do you think you can do it"

"Boss i would be honoured, thanks mate" They shook hands. "So whats the case about." Jack was so eager to find out. But soon he would wish to never hear those words again.

"Jack a girl has been kidnapped. Last sighting was today 8am. Now she has diappearded, we have no leads and thats were you come in. I need you to go and search the car she was last in, to discover any evidence left behind by either the victim or the suspect." He hesitated. "Whoever that may be" Jack couldnt believe it his first big case. Alot of pressure was on his shoulders but he knew he would do summer bay proud. "Wait boss what is the victims name" "Oh sorry mate, yer im not sure if you know her but her name is Martha, Martha Mackenzie." Everything was runing through Jacks head. What if she was dead, what if he couldnt find her, he nearly cried. He held back his tears and wished that she was safe. "Well you better get going, is everything all right do you know her because if you do then ill take you of the case" Jack needed to be on the case, he needed to be the one to save Martha, He needed to be there for her. "No boss im fine, No, No i dont know her but will do my best to find her"

Jack was shacking he had a secret crush on Martha since forever, wait it was no crush he loved her and he was going to save her. He jumbed in his car he made sure his phone was beside him, something clicked he didnt think of it before but cheif had said that she was last spotted at 8am. He had recieved a call rom Martha at 8am. If only he had answered the phone quicker it may of saved her life.

Please rate and review.

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