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Story Title: Fate

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Ric, Mattie and others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: L

Summary: This is the story of a homeless boy Ric and his acceptance into Summer Bay and his relationship with Mattie. It is a joint fic between Kaciexox and Chloexox



Sun always shines in summer bay. People always smiling, laughing, having fun. But a lonesome 18-year-old boy has nothing. Nothing to smile about, forever sad. Nobody to laugh with and always cold with no home to go to and no family to love. Everyday Ric awakes from the park bench hoping and praying that this day will be his last. All he has to keep himself company is the birds chirping, the crickets humming and last week’s daily newspaper. Many people walk past him whispering, staring, wondering what a young boy is doing out there alone but soon their worries are left as they see family, friends or lovers. He is forgotten and will rarely be remembered by those onlookers.

Ric woke one morning feeling quite anxious. He normally barely felt anything, but that day seemed different, that day there was hope in the air. Everything looked different; he felt he was seeing things from someone else’s perspective. A few wanders walked by but nothing out of the ordinary. A woman walked past. He had seen her a few times before; he glanced at her and then turned away. He could see that she was staring. Was there something on his face or was she thinking about cleaning up summer bay and getting that filth of the street. No she wasn’t, not exactly anyway. She sat beside him.

“Hi my name Beth Hunter, I am a social worker in this town and I see you have no where to go and your a young boy. Im sure you have dreams. Come with me, I think I may have bed for you or a place to stay until we fix you up”

All this came so suddenly Ric couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was she lying or was she really coming to save him. Wait dreams, dreams didn’t cross his mind, yes, everyone has dreams but he never really thought that they would come true he never even believed in the word. But he stared into her eyes. She was different, unique, special and he trusted her. Everything was going to be different. Everything was about to change and Ric was ready.

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OK here is chapter 1. just thought i'd add that Ric knows he has a granfather called alf but does not know he lives in the bay as they have never met. He does not know however about Martha being his cousin


Ric hesitated. What was he doing here? After living on the streets for three months, he had learnt to trust nobody. And yet here he was, about to enter some woman’s house who he didn’t know and shouldn’t trust. But he did. ‘Why?’ he asked himself, ‘Why is this time different? How come I trust her?’ He was starting to wish that he were back in the park, lying on his park bench. OK, so it was a park bench, but it had been his home for the last three months. He liked it because it never moved, never changed. It had been the only stable thing in his eighteen years of life. Beth, sensing his reluctance, turned. She smiled gently at him. It seemed to say ‘it’s ok, you can trust me.’ The smile was all he needed to reassure him. He moved quickly to catch up with her and watched anxiously as she inserted the key and turned the lock. She opened the door and stepped inside the house, gesturing for him to follow. Ric took a deep breath and stepped inside the house. It was a pretty house, cute, cosy. It took a while for him to take in his surroundings. He was in what appeared to be the main room consisting of the lounge room, kitchen and dining room. A young pregnant woman, a middle-age man who Ric was guessing was Beth’s husband and a lady, maybe in her late twenties were sitting around a table. There were three teenagers about his age sitting together on the lounge and watching a movie. A girl who was cuddled up to a boy and another girl who was laughing at the pair. Hearing the door open, they all turned to stare at the boy and they all recognized his immediately. He was the homeless boy, always lying on the park bench, getting dirtier as the days went by. Sure, all of them felt sorry for him … well all except Mattie who thought he was so disgusting that he was an insult to Summer Bay. But what was he doing here?

“Guys, this is Ric,” said Beth, “Ric is my daughter Kit,” she pointed to the pregnant woman, “my partner Tony,” the man smiled at him, “my friend Sally,” she gestured towards the other lady, “And this is Matilda, my daughter, her friend Cassie and Matilda’s daughter, who is also Tony’s son, Lucas.” She finished pointing towards the three teenagers. Ric smiled a hello and Lucas and Cassie smiled back. Matilda, however, looked disgusted at what her mother had brought into their house. She smiled sarcastically before pulling a rude face at him. Beth gave her daughter a stern look. Matilda grabbed Lucas’s arm and brought his attention back to the movie they had been watching. Cassie smiled warmly again before also turning back to the movie. Ric followed Beth nervously over to the table and took a seat next to Sally. She smiled warmly at him. Ric couldn’t help but like her. She seemed nice, friendly, and trustworthy. She had long dark hair and kind, welcoming eyes.

“Ric, Sally is the woman I was telling you about on the way over here. She was a foster child herself once and since she can’t have any more children, she wants to foster children. She already fosters Cassie and she’s willing to take you in. What do you think?” Beth asked. Ric was overwhelmed. He didn’t know what to think, let alone what to say. Of course he wanted to, but did Sally really know what she would be taking on. Only time would tell.

“That would be great! But I mean are sure, trouble kind of follows me everywhere.” Ric didn’t want her to think she had to take him in.

“Of course I’m sure, I wouldn’t have offered otherwise.” That was true, thought Ric. “Of course it’s only if you want to. I mean it’s a pretty crowded house at the moment. It would be me, you, Cas, Brad my partner, my daughter Pippa, and two others Alf and Martha.” Sally said smiling, thinking of all the people living in her house. Ric nodded, he was used to crowded places, he had lived in a children’s park for three months after all.

“Well that’s settled then, I will, take care of the paperwork and Ric will move into Sally’s.” Said Beth smiling. Her work was done; it was in Ric’s hands now to make it work.


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