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Toadie and Steph

Guest Natteh

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Whilst I think both characters are great, I just don't buy that Steph and Toadie would ever fall in love. Max and Steph were such a strong couple, yet Steph seems to have gotten over him in about five seconds flat. Seriously, if your husband (and supposed love of your life) went crazy and disappeared you wouldn't be getting it on with your best friend two weeks later. Steph and Toadie have never shown any interest in each other besides being great friends, so all in all I think it's more a case of Steph looking for comfort in the wrong place than a genuine love story.

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Saying that with Toadie I was hoping that Dee did a Harold and he found her even though it wudda been a repeated storyline Id have liked it

Yeah it is too rushed for her to say it, but Toadie has always liked her anyway... he deserves to be happy surely he doesnt make any money for always representing the Timmons'

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