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The Big Childrens TV Appreciation Thread

Guest Nathan

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Teletubbies appreciation.....

I thought I'd make this since Aquamarine claims it to be, among other shows, her fave soap :lol:

For those who don't know, its about four... umm... aliens(?) that live in a land with a sun that has the face of a baby, a vacuum cleaner with eyes, and other random things. They have televisions on their stomach and random shapes sticking out of their head. Their names are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. Tinky-Winky is gay. The producers say he's not though. Maybe it's just a coincidence that his color is purple (international gay-pride color) and he has a triangle on his head (a gay shape)??

For those confused, NO! There is not a new teletubbie coming named Tuftiwufti. It is a rumor.

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I feel so special. ^_^

I thought the baby sun was adorable. I loved how at the beginning and end the announcer said "Time for Teletubbies!" and "Time for Telly-bye-bye!" or something like that. :P Not sure whether Tinky Winky was gay, but I chuckled a little bit at the fact he had a purse. :lol:

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Nathan, we know your secret - you're serectly an avid Teletubbies fan and the fact that Aquamarine has it listed in her favourite soaps is just a handy cover...:P

I still watch this haven't seen this for ages...the memories! Noo-Noo (the vacuum cleaner) totally rocked, though. :D And who could forget all the rabbits that hopped around the hills? They were *so* cute! I have to admit that I used to have Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast from the supermarket; it was yummy!

Tinky-Winky was so gay. I mean, c'mon, I don't understand why the producers went to such great lengths to deny it?!

I never did understand why, at the end of the programme they'd jump down the hole in the floor and then reappear again...I found it most disturbing!

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