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Love Blossoms In The Most Unlikely Places

Guest HeavenForbid

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Type of story: Short fiction. Around 10 chapters

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Tasha, Robbie + others

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: This fic many contain language and sexual references.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Summer Bay High. Your typical high school. You have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, the freaks, the science nerds, the skaters, the moshers, the stuck up snobs, the cocky arrogant types, the wanna be's and so on. This is your typical high school. There are so many cliques in school. It would not be high school with out them. What if someone you like who is in a different clique than you? What do you do?

Chapter 1

School started back again after the summer holidays. Tasha Andrews walked into the main

door. She was greeted like she was the Queen of England. Nevertheless, she was a Queen in her world. When she entered the door, everyone made way for her. She and her best friends Martha McKenzie were the most popular girls at Summer Bay High. That day when Tasha entered the hallways of the school, she got the greeting she was hoping for. However, in that crowd, there was a boy who once knew Tasha, not as the popular bitchy attention seeking type but as the wild child, she once was. The girl who cared for all living things, who would not kill an insect. The girl who would never let someone be alone at lunchtime. That girl had long gone by now. His name, Robbie Hunter. Tasha noticed her boyfriend Daniel Cooper coming out of the crowd. He kissed her in front of the crowd. Watching them kiss made Robbie wish it was him.

Martha McKenzie went into school a little while after Tasha. By the time she had got in the crowd were still there and they greeted Martha the same way as they did to Tasha. Even though Martha was popular, she was not a bitch, which was what a lot of people perceived her to be like. Tasha loved attention. Martha did not. She was still like the new girl, having only moved to the Bay half a year ago. However, there was one boy in the school that did not think she was a bitch like her best friend was. His name was Jack Holden. Jack saw Martha the way she wanted people to see her. A nice, loving, caring girl. Jack liked her a lot and had ever since she transferred to Summer Bay High. However, when he discovered that she was friends with Tasha he decided that he was not going to make a fool of himself and be laughed at by the most popular group at school. He never asked her out and has never spoke to her either.

Martha and Tasha went into their maths class. Robbie and Jack went in after them. The whole class was talking when the maths teacher, Ms Woods came in to the classroom.

“Quiet down class. Summer is over. School had begun. Open your book to page 24.” said Ms Woods.

“Ms!” Tasha said

“Yes. Tasha. What is it?” replied her teacher

“I haven’t got my book with me.” Tasha said

“Why?” Ms Woods asked

“Em…because well it is kind of a long story. At the end of last year - ”. Her teacher cut her off.

“Save it for detention. Tasha. I put up with this all last year and I refuse to do it again this year!” she said

Tasha looked shocked. It was the first time ever that she had never gotten out of a situation like this before. Tasha was not the only one that was shocked. The whole class was as well. They were so used to her getting away with it. It looked liked Ms Woods had changed. She had always been a push - over. After a while, the bell rang and each student went off to their next class.


At lunchtime, Jack and Robbie sat at an angle so that the could look at the girls the loved.

“We are so desperate!” Robbie said as he looked at Tasha

“Agreed!” Jack replied “Have you talked to Tasha yet?”

“No…how can I? She is either always with the d***head of a boyfriend or her gang.” Robbie said

“Well mate…if you want her, you are going to have to fight for her!” Jack said as her was stilling staring at Martha.

The bell rang and everyone went off to their classes.


The school day went so slow like. It was so hard to believe that it was only one day and that it was only the beginning over the year. What was going to happen this year? Nobody knew yet. However, what they did know was that it would be full of excitement and surprises.

Preview: What offer does Jack make to Martha. Will Robbie ever talk to the love of his life? Also, fine out what Daniel is really like.

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Chapter 2

The next day at school, the day didn’t go any quicker. Each student was already sick of school. Jack and Robbie went into the school and up to the lockers.

“Look who is coming!” Jack said to Robbie

Robbie turned around and Tasha walked pasted with Daniel, her boyfriend.

“I hate that guy!” Robbie said “He is a jerk!”

“I so know what you mean. I heard he dumped his last girlfriend because she refused to pay for a meal that he took her to!” Jack replied

They both got their books and headed for maths class.

Ms Woods was already in the room and was just about to start the class when Jack and Robbie came into the classroom. Jack noticed Martha looking very nervous about something. They sat down at their desks and took out their books. Today, Tasha had her book.

“Ok class open up what we were doing yesterday. Jack what did you get for question 3?” Ms Woods asked.

“19” Jack replied

“Good. Martha. Question 4?” Ms Woods said looking at Martha

“Em…27? But I don’t think it is right.” Martha said

“Ok…well lets do it on the board.” said the teacher

Ms Woods done the maths question on the board. Martha had got it wrong. The correct answer was 63.

“Ok class…do questions 1 - 10 on page 25.” said Ms Woods. “Martha will you come here with you copy and we will see where you went wrong on that question.”

Martha got up and went up to Ms Woods’ desk while the rest of the class did the question in complete silence.

“Oh…none of these questions are right. I will give you some extra questions to do tonight so you can have more practice at them.” Ms Woods said to Martha.

Jack was looking at Martha sitting at the desk with the teacher. Maybe she need some extra help….not questions he thought


After class Robbie went ahead to get a seat for himself and Jack in the lunch room. Jack stayed back. He saw Martha leave the classroom

“Martha!” she shouted to her

Martha turned around and said

“Oh hi…”

“Em….I saw you in class. It looked like you were struggling a bit. I just wanted you to know if you would like some help I would - ”

“Listen Jack…It was nice of you to offer but I will be ok. I just need to start focusing on maths instead of my social life. I have to go.” She said

Martha walked off. She would of loved to have gotten help from Jack. The real reason why is because she friends would slag her because he was not in the same clique. She didn’t have many friends at the school and she couldn’t afford to lose any.


Jack went into the lunch room and sat down beside Robbie. He told Robbie what he said to Martha. Would they ever get the girls? They both thought.

Over on the other side of the lunch room, Martha sat beside Tasha thinkingg about what Jack had said to her.

“What are you doing tonight?” Tasha asked.

“Oh….I think I stood study.” Martha said

“Why? We don't have any tests yet…Do we?” Tasha said

“No we don’t but I am finding maths sort of hard so I need to do a bit more work in it. What are you doing?” Martha asked

“Well Daniel and I are going out. To the cinema I think. Just thought you might want to come and invite James.” Tasha smiled

“Tasha you know very well that me and James are over and have been for 6 weeks!” Martha said.

Tasha didn’t say anything else back to Martha for the rest of the break. She was talking to Daniel who had sat down beside them. Martha looked over at Jack. She really did need help and she knew it. She kept thinking about him for the rest of the lunch break. Did she like him?


Robbie left the school building last. Or at least he thought he was the last person to leave. Daniel was at his locker. Robbie pasted him in the hallway. He said “Hi” and Daniel laughed in his face. Well he is lovely isn’t he thought Robbie. Robbie left the school building. Another day had pasted and he still hadn’t talked to Tasha. The last time he had spoken to her was when they were eleven. They were seventeen now. All grown up. He didn’t even remember why they stopped talking. Daniel came out of the building holding a girls’ hand. It was not Tasha. He started to kiss her. Robbie looked at him shocking disbelief. What an ***hole he thought.

Preview: Will Robbie tell Tasha about what he saw? Does Martha like Jack? Will she take him up on her offer?

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