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Love Blossoms In The Most Unlikely Places

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Sweet chapter. Poor Jack, and poor Martha. She needs to get out of that 'clique' and realise that Jack is the guy for her! She just needs to break free *breaks into song, 'were soaring, flying...'*

Update soon :) Hopefully Martha will take up Jacks offer

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GReat chapters. Maccy likes Jacky, cuteness. I hate these cliques at school. Luckily at my school we had them, but everyone still talked to everyone and dated anyone. I hope Martha does accept Jackys offer :D And i know Daniel was a cheat, so typical -hmph- Rob should tell Tasha :D

More please

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Chapter 3

That night, Martha went into the diner. She saw Jack sitting there reading “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

“Oh…I read that book so many times. I love it.” Martha said to Jack

“Really? I didn’t think you would be the type of girl that you sit in and read. I thought you would be more focused on you love life ” Jack said

“Listen Jack. I am not one of those girls. I am not like Tasha at all. I don’t like the way she talks to people. I hate - ”

“Martha. I know you are not like that.” Jack said smiling

Martha smiled back. They sat in the diner and talk ed for hours. They found out that they had a lot in common. Martha looked at her watch.

“Oh it that the time. I have to go. Do the maths questions.” Martha said as she put on her coat.

“What is the real reason you will not let me help you?” Jack asked

“I told you. It is just a bit more practice that I need. And to stop going out.” Martha said

Jack looked at her. It didn’t convince him. He was a smart guy. Martha looked at him then he looked around the diner. Everyone was looking at them. It finally clicked. Martha had a reputation as being popular and she couldn’t be seen with him in front of her friends. But why did she talk to him tonight? Martha got up and left. Jack followed her.

“Your reputation. That is why.” Jack said

“Jack…no that is not it.” Martha lied.

“You don’t have to lie to me., Martha. I know that I am not cool and popular like you, But I am a person and I have feelings. I don’t care if you don’t want help for me but please don’t lie to me about it.” Jack said and he walked home.

Martha went home. She started to cry. Maybe she was a bitch like a lot of people thought. She treated Jack horribly. She didn’t want to be a bitch. She decided then that she was going to change. Tomorrow she was going to do what nobody would do in her clique.


Tasha was in her room. She opened her bag and say a letter in it. She took it of. On it read “To The Biggest Bitch. Everyone in our class hates you. You are a complete cow to the all. If you want to have people like you then change you attitude towards them. You think that everyone like you but everyone hates you. Tasha was stunned when she read it. She never realised that she was actually hated. What was she going to do? It was near 7. She had to go and meet up with Daniel. She started to walk on the beach.

Robbie saw Tasha walking on the beach. It was now or never he thought.

“Tasha!” she shouted to her

Tasha looked around and saw Robbie and stopped.

“Yeah….” Tasha said

“Em…hey…It is Robbie.” He said

“I know who you are Robbie. I do have a memory. What do you want?” She said in a bitchy tone. She realised that she was a bitch.

“Oh. Em….I just wanted to….say hi” Robbie said to Tasha. She couldn’t tell him what she saw.

“Oh right. Well I have to go. Goodbye Robbie” Tasha smiled.

Robbie watched her got up to the surf club. Daniel was up them waiting for her. He smiled. He was glad that she remember him. He went home and looked back on old photo’s of them as children.


Tasha go into Daniel’s car and they went to Yabbie Creek. While in the car, they were talking.

Daniel turned to Tasha and said “Who was that guy that you were talking to?”

“Robbie Hunter.” She told her

“Who?” he said

“Just an old friend that I used to play with when I was younger” Tasha said.

“What did you stop hanging around with him?” Daniel asked

“I don’t know.” she lied. She know exactly why they never spoke to each other. They reached the cinema and went in. There was people from her class. They all looked at her. What was she going to do?

Preview: What will Martha do? Will Tasha change the way she is now that she knows everyone hates her?


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