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In line with the new fan fiction rules we would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to fill out this form.

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Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the librarians.

Librarian edit: Title edited to include spoiler warning. Please issue a warning before posting content which may or may not spoil things for viewers outside the UK.

Hey, erm everything in this is carrying on from the finale and I'm gonna involve everyone but the main focus is what is happening with Sally but there will be other people in it so please read. Oh and if you have any ideas you'd like me to put in please say and I'll do my best! :) Happy New Year by the way! :)

Episode opens at the hospital. Alf, Kim (who hasn't told Rachel about Kit and the baby), Rachel, Ric and Cassie (Who came back after hearing the news about Sally) are in the corridor. They are all sitting down apart form Ric who is leaning against the wall, his hands covering his face. They are talking about Brad.

Alf: Rachel can't you talk to him? He hasn't moved love and it's not healthy.

Rachel (sighs): Alf I've tried he won't leave her, he said he's not moving until she wakes up.

Alf (thinks about this the looks a bit worried): But love I hate to say this but what if she doesn't wake up.

Cassie (stands up shocked and angry):Don't say that! She is going to wake up OK?! She loves us, she wouldn't leave us so don't (starts crying)....don’t. Don’t say that sort of thing.

Ric at this point moves over to Cassie and pulls her into a tight hug it is the she begins to lose control and sobs into Ric’s chest.

Rachel then gets up and makes her way towards the room they waiting outside of she stands in the doorway and looks and her big brother sitting there lost and just watching his new loves face hoping, praying, waiting for any possible sign that she is waking up. Watching all this brings tears to her eyes, it isn't fair. Just a few months ago she saw a similar picture with Brad holding his dying wife Emily's hand as she lay there slowly losing her battle with leukaemia, and now here he was again clinging onto Sally's hand as if his life depended on it refusing to leave her side until she woke up. Only it wasn't an illness that had out Sally Fletcher in that hospital bed fighting for her life, it was a coward who had attacked this amazing woman and left her for dead Rachel didn't know who they were but she did know one thing. If, no WHEN Sal woke up she was going to make sure she told them who did this and then she, and everyone else, would make them pay.

*The Diner.

Martha walks in and sees Jack sitting on his own staring into a cup of coffee.

Martha: Erm Irene can I get a 2 coffees please I'll be sitting with Jack.

Irene: Oh you mean Mr Happy over there?

Martha: What do you mean?

Irene: Well he ordered that cup o' coffee hours ago and has doe nothing but stare at it feeling sorry for himself. When you think about what's with Sal...

Irene stopped she couldn't start that conversation or she'd start tearin' up.

Irene: ..I'll bring 'em over.

Martha sighed; Irene was right now she just had to find out what Jack was moping about.

Martha: Anything good going on in there?

Jack (as if he's been woken from a trance): What? Oh hi Martha sorry, didn't see you come in.

Martha: Yeah I gathered that, what's up? Irene said you've been here for hours.

Jack: Nothing don't worry about it.

Martha: Come on Jack, I know things have been weird but we're still friends aren't we?

Jack (smiling appreciatively): Yeah, yeah we are.

Martha (also smiling): Well then spill.

Jack and Martha just sat their for a moment smiling at each other, maybe despite all the bad that had happened over the last few days something’s were turning out good.

*The van park house.

Mattie, Belle, Lucas, Drew, Morag, Beth, Tony, Colleen and Macca are all sitting or standing around everybody is silent, no one really knows what to say.

Ric enters.

Mattie gets up as soon as she sees him and throws her arms around him.

Beth (getting up from the table where she was sitting): Ric is there any news?

Ric (shaking his head): No, she still hasn't moved and neither has Brad.

Drew: I don't get it why is Mr Armstrong so determined to stay with her? I mean I know he's her friend but...

Tony: I'm pretty sure there's more then friendship there mate.

Drew: What you mean Mr Armstrong likes Miss Fletcher?

Lucas: Try loves.

Drew: You're jokin'! I never noticed anything.

Belle: Well you know you were busy getting kidnapped and sleeping with my mother.

Morag: Now I don't think that is very relevant or important at this time do you?

Belle: No you're right sorry, by the way where's Rocco? I haven't seen him is he at the hospital?

Ric: No, no I haven't seen him since before the pageant.

Mattie: I know me neither, it's a bit weird him just disappearing like that I thought he's wanna make sure Sally was OK.

Something seems to click inside Ric's mind.

Ric: Oh my God.

He then runs upstairs to Rocco's rooms leaving the other downstairs confused, he barges in the and runs to the closet flinging it open only to find nothing, he then checks the draws and under the bed for Rocco's bag both times finding nothing. This confirms his fears, he races downstairs to the others.

Ric: His stuff, everything is gone he's done a runner!

Beth( Why would he want to do that?

Morag (suddenly getting what Ric is talking about): I think we have found our mystery attacker.

Tony: What Rocco? No way, he adores Sal.

Colleen: Yes that’s true and he always seemed liked such a nice young man.

Ric: No think about it, the day after Rocco sets his brother up Sal gets attacked and then Rocco's nowhere to be found? That is way to much of a coincidence!

Mattie: You're right! He was acting weird with me on the day of the pageant and snapped at me when I asked why he wasn't going that night! It makes sense if he knew he was gonna hurt Miss Fletcher then he would've been touchy wouldn't he!

Beth: Matilda wait a minute you can't just accuse a young boy of attacking his teacher when there's no proof, maybe he went to stay with family.

Ric He doesn't have any family Beth, listen everyone here loves Sal who else has got a reason to hurt her?!

Beth: Well what is Rocco's reason?

Mattie: Wake up mum! Johnny , Rocco's brother, hated Sally because she was close to Rocco! Look I know you wanna see the best in him but it's the only thing that makes sense!

Ric: I'm going to tell them at the hospital.

Mattie: I'm coming with you.

Beth: Matilda no! You are not going out with an attacker on the loose!

Mattie: Mum you're not going to stop me OK? (Pippa starts crying upstairs) Look just go and see to Pippa I'll be back.

With that Mattie and Ric were out of the house followed by Belle and Lucas, Drew stood up to go to but...

Belle: Drew stay here we don't need you hanging around ok.

Enough said.

Preview of next episode (if wanted)

Ric tells the others at the hospital about Rocco, will they think the same or think of it merely as a coincidence?

See how Leah, Dan, Peter and Amanda are feeling about the whole thing.

Something happens with Sal is it good or bad?

Please tell me what you think. Thanks :) x

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Thanks for replying! :D

Part 2

Dan and Leah's place.

Dan, Leah, Amanda are sitting down whilst Peter is pacing obviously with something on his mind.

Amanda: Peter sit down you've been pacing like that for hours and it's not helping.

Peter: Well neither is sitting down pretending that there isn't an attacker out there who has left Sal in the hospital! I mean what good am I here I should be out there looking for this creep!

Dan: Mate we've been through this. Where would you start no one has any clue about who could've done this.

Peter: Oh come on they must have! Are you telling me that someone hasn't noticed something by now? Instead of trying to ignore it we should be doing something about this! No one is safe until we find this, this.. coward! We should act now, Dan can't you come with me to the hospital you know ask around see if anyone noticed somebody suspicious hangin' around?

Dan: Pete look I know you wanna find out who did this but going down to the hospital won't do any good, what would they have noticed? What would anyone have noticed we were all just having a good time!

Amanda: He's right, Peter please just come and sit and calm down. (getting up and going over to him) I love that you want to help but right now you can't, please just come and sit down.

Peter sighs and sits down with Amanda on the sofa. He then looks up at Leah who hasn't spoken a word.

Peter: Leah are you ok?

Leah: Would you be? (looks up at him) Well Peter? If one of your best friends in the whole world was lying unsconcious in hospital would you be ok?

Dan: Hey come on it's not Pete's fault.

Leah (sighs, trying not to tear up): Yeah I know I just...

Leah out her head in her hands, she sat there for what seemed like ages then lifted her head.

Leah: I just feel so useless and angry, why would someone do this? I don't get it!

Dan: I know, I don't think anyone gets it.

Leah: You know what's weird?

Amanda: What?

Leah: The only one who could make any sense of this would be

Peter: Sally.


Brad is still by Sally's side but now so is Rachel.

Ric, Mattie, Luc and Belle come running in breathless.

Ric (trying to catch his breath): Guys, we have to tell you something.

Kim: Hey just calm down Ric ok?

Mattie: No Kim really we have to tell you something it's really important!

Alf: Ok love take a breather. Now what's so important?

Luc: We think we know who did this to Sally.

Brad: And who do you think that is?

Everyone spun around, they hadn't noticed Brad was there.

Brad: Well?

Ric: Brad we think it was Rocco.

Cassie: What? Isn't that a bit far fetched? I mean I know Rocco's got a

Brad (interrupting): Why do you say that?

Mattie: Well all his stuff is goen and so is he.

Brad: Wait he's gone? Since when?

Ric: Well we think since the night that Sal was attacked.

Cassie: Yeah but that doesn't prove that he did this.

Brad: Doesn't it?

Rachel: Brad! Brad quick!

Brad spun around to look at Rachel sitting by Sally.

Rachel: Sally's eyes just flickered open!

Brad: What?! (running over to Sally) Sal? Sally can you hear me?

Slowly Sally's eyes began to open.

Rachel: Sal?

Then Sally's doctor (Rach was off duty for obvious reasons) came running in.

Doc: What's going on?

Brad: She just opened here eyes!

Doc: Right excuse me. (The Doctor moved over to Sally) Sally? I need you to blink if you can hear me.

Sally Blinked.

Doc: Right Rachel can you help me take the air pipe from her mouth.

Rach walked over to the Doctor and did as he asked, as soon as the pipe was out Sal took a deep breath and

Sally: Brad? (She looked round)

Brad: I'm here. (he ran over to Sal and helped her sit up) Careful.

Sally: How did i get here?

Brad: I found you in the car park on the night of the pageant, you'd been attacked.

Sally thought for a minute.

Sally: Rocco.

That one word from Sally seemed to confirm to everyone just who the 'mystery attacker' was. And from the look on everyones' (especially Ric's) faces I wouldn't want to be Rocco.


Everyone is searching for Rocco

Sally goes home.

Ric is determined to get revenge.

Rachel finds out about Kit's baby.

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Ahhh, 2007, 2007. You're preparing me for the episode in two weeks.

Nice. Very nice.

I hope you continue this....you could do it till the end of 07, your version of all the storylines, and then....the sequel...2008!!

Yippee! I hope next cha[ter has Kit-ness....believe me, that is one storyline I have been waiting for. :P

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