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Home and Away - The Story of 2006

Guest -Karen-

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I have made a video of all the best bits of the year but if i knew how long it was going to take to put together I wouldn't have bothered! :D:P Just a quick note though, if there are any Eskimo Joe fans among you, you will notice that the song has been extended to accomodate more clips. :)

If you want to download it then Click Here

or if you want to watch it on You Tube

Hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback, good or bad!

I'm currently making a few more videos so watch this space!

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Excellent work - using an H and A song was cool and the ending in partic with the leaving summber bay sign then the Sally stabbing was great. :) I know how damn annoying and time-consuming it is to make vids - currently making one but stupid movie maker always freezing, endless sifting vids to choose clips, cutting clips, being too perfectionist, etc etc etc I think I'll give up :D Great work. Well done.

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Thanks for all your comments guys :D I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Burr - I understand what you are saying only too well! It is unbelievable how long a 5 and a half minute video takes isn't it!? I had to sift through about 230 episodes, then I ended up with clips lasting about 20 minutes so I had to be totally ruthless and get rid of loads of clips that I wanted to include. And the more clips I had in the file the longer it took to open in Movie maker (about 30 minutes in the end) and then it kept crashing when I tried to convert it to a movie file! So I had to make 10 smaller movies and then put them together with the song! Pheww!! I nearly gave up but got there in the end, so don't give up on yours! :)

I am a total gluton for punishment so I am working on a couple more, god knows how long they will take though!!

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