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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance (make this a link)

does story include spoilers: yes/no

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

summary: 5 lines max

This is the story i submitted to Icon Inspirations. I am moving it here, because i am hoping to carry on with it and make it an ongiong thing. Please leave comments, but remember it's my first serious fanfic, so go easy on me lol!


Incurable-Chapter one

I looked over at him in sheer disbelief. This couldn’t be happening. Not to him. After everything that had happened in my life, I was finally happy, with a family that loved me and would never hurt me. Why was this happening?

“Are you sure?” I asked, struggling to keep the tears from falling down my cheeks, I didn’t want to cry in front of him. Not now. I stared down at the ground and let out a little sob. Finally gravity took its course and I could see a solitary tear fall onto the tip of my shoe. It seemed to echo, louder than anything I’d ever heard, until my racing heartbeat drowned it out. I screwed up my face with absolute desperation, please let me be strong. But it was too late, I could feel his eyes on the back of my neck, and I could hear him approaching.

He cupped my cheeks, now wet and stained with my tears, in his hands and lifted my face until our eyes met. I choked back the urge to break down in his arms, but couldn’t stop my lip from quivering, hard as I tried.

“Cass, it’s going to be okay” he soothed me with his words, making me believe for a second that it really would. That he would come through the other side of this, we all would. My body reacted before my mind had a chance to and my legs gave way. I collapsed onto the floor, his hands still holding on to me and cried.

After a few seconds, I pulled away from his grip fiercely, and let my head fall into my hands. He kneeled down beside me, waiting. But I wasn’t ready yet. He sat with me though, as I cried, I wanted more than anything to keep him there forever in that moment, but I also wanted to run. And scream. And hide.

“Cassie, please, I know his is hard to take in but …” his voice trailed off and he sighed heavily. I looked at him, turning my head to see through the gaps between my fingers. He laughed and pulled me close to him, and I held on tight, knowing that soon he would be gone. How could he do this to us? As I grasped handfuls of his shirt in my hands, I opened my eyes to see the photo of us sitting on the mantelpiece. My favourite photo. The one that Ric and I were roped into by Sally one day after school, she practically begged us to pose for that photo. Before that was taken I hadn’t really felt like part of the family, not like Ric had.

Sitting there on the floor, listening to Flynn’s deep breathing, I realised that I was envious of Ric. He’d had so much time with Flynn, they had such a great bond. Ric called him ‘Dad’ all the time, when Flynn wasn’t around. An involuntary giggle erupted from my lips at that moment, I was thinking of the time Ric had told me of Flynn’s reaction when I stole his clothes.

Flynn pulled away slightly and smiled, “What are you laughing at?” I looked at his face and tried to picture him on that day. Happy with nothing to worry about. Unlike now. “You know Cassie, I love you. You do know that, don’t you? Without you and Ric this house would be a lot quieter”

Oh My God. I am so selfish. Tears began to fall down my cheeks again. I clenched my fists and pulled them up to my face. How on Earth could I be so stupid. I rocked back and forth and saw Flynn’s face contort with worry. Did Ric know? I hate myself. I worked myself up into hysterics and felt like the whole world was watching.

“Hey Cassie! Cass!” he tried to hold onto me and calm me down, but my head was full of blurred images, spinning round and round. What about Ric and Sally? My cries were becoming more desperate now, I felt like screaming, my head was so full. Pippa would never get to see her Dad, she would probably be too young to remember. I could hear noise coming out of my mouth, but I just couldn’t stop.

Then everything was silent, and I thought maybe I’d blacked out. A few moments passed, and I opened my eyes to see the room as it normally was, as if nothing had changed. But it had. The sound of something dropping to the floor exploded and pulled me back into the real world. Sally and Ric were standing in the doorway, and Sally had her arms outstretched, obviously she was holding the groceries that were now spilled all over the floor. I realised I was still sitting down, cradled in Flynn’s arms, with tears still cascading down my cheeks.



Hopefully should be updating soon, college work allowing! xxx

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