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Peter's partner?

Guest Lilone

Who do you think Peter should be with?  

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I would accually like to see him with someone else, someone new.

I used to like the idea of him and Leah, but her and Dan make such a great couple I think.

I'm not so sure about claire either ... I'm in Belgium, so she hasn't been on our screens yet, but from the eps I saw on the internet she seems like the bossy typy, I could be wrong though.

I'm beginning to like the idea of him and Amanda, at first I hated it. If Amanda does change and won't be such a bitch anymore I would like them together. But otherwise I'd love for a new woman to come to the bay!

But as long as Pete's happy, I'm happy! :P

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Oh my God, I'm buying into a discussion about Peter Baker! Shoot me now!

I think Pete and Claire definitiely had chemisty. He and Leah didn't really work, and I can't see him with Sally. I haven't seen him with Amanda yet, so can't really comment there.

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