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Bad Girls/Home and Away

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Thanks, the librarians.

hello im new this my first fic for those of you that dont know bad girls is a prison programme that is set in england (but im gonna set it austrailer) the main chareter is competely fictional

the first chapter will be up later.

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Ashley dynamite sat on the prison wall looking at the peckam boot gang she knew what was coming she just kept thinking "why couldn't i have just kept my mouth shut?" ever since she arrived there three months ago she refused to be bullied or see anyone else bullied she wasnt a fighter at 11 years old 4 foot 5 and weighing 3 1/2 stone but she had her her mouth that more or less always got her out her trouble but she knew they were not going to listen to her not this time not after what she did she knew she shouldn't of done it she but she could't stand anymore bullying. "Oy" Maxi Purvis the head of the Peckam boot gang snapped her out of her daze "What?" Ashley said trying to hide the fear in voice

"Tina said you poured orange over her ruined her favorite you did" Maxi growled "So she should move her own tray instead getting me to do it now get lost" Ashley said instantly regreting it. Crack she was pulled of the wall thrown on to the floor and started getting kicked and stamped on all over. At that moment all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry. All she every wanted was someone to love her a family. years of emotional and pystical abuse from her mother she stills remember used lock her in the celler days on end without anything to eat or drink thats when she started to steal cars, food, money she knew it was wrong but it was an escape this was somthing she was good at. "Let that be a lesson to you" Maxi said before going of with her cronies laughing and joking like nothing had happened Ashley stood up full of bruises blood on her hands and face with tears in her eyes decided they werent gonna get away with it and went straight to Miss.Hollamby (bodybag) "err Miss.Hollamby" "What do you want dynamite" she said without turning around "Miss i wanna report an assault" this caught Bodybags attention she turned around to see an half dead Ashley who could barley stand by this point and had to lean against a wall "Who did this to you" bodybag damanded to know with a hint of concern in her voice "Peckam boot gang Buki" before she could say anymore bodybag started flap around like an headless chicken. "Dominic" bodybag howled he came rushing in before he could ask what was wrong he saw ashley who was now sitting in a chair "Who did this to you" before she could say anything bodybag said "them no good all bad peckam boot girls you take her down to the hospital wing and i'll get the others down the block" Dominic helped Ashley out of her chair. When they walked out of the room they were greeted by the sight Jim Fenner Bodybag and Karen Betts trying to lead the peckam boot gang and Buki down the block "For the last time we haven't done an..." Maxi was cut off by the sight of Ashley "You bitch you grassed on us your gonna die you know we are gonna kill you".

"The doctor said that you take pain killers for a few days you should be back to yourself in a few days" Dominic said as he led Ashley back to the wing with her arm in sling "He his a stupid f*cking i should have gone to f*cking hospital" she snapped "im sorry Mr.McAllister it isnt your fault" she apologized "thats ok i been thinking.." WE NEED A DOCTOR DOWN HERE" Ashley joked "sorry" when she relized how insentive she was being "S'aright it good to see you smiling" he said "you should have captured the moment sir you wont see it again anyway what were you thinking?" she asked "you should join the self defence class" he said "it will be good for you" she thought about it for a minute "yeah ok why not"

That night she lay on thinking about Maxi had said she knew it wasnt an empty threat that Max and her gang (Al Tina and Buki) where going to kill her. In the early hours of the morning she fell asleep thinking about a perfect family one were everybody love everybody else one were you got punished if you were bad but never got hit or took down the cellar were you could go to school and learn how to swim even though she couldn't swim she always dreamed of becoming a lifegaurd.

The following week she was back to normal it still hurt a bit. She went to get breckfast "You look a lot better dont she Ju" "she does Ju" "thanks Julies" Ashley said, those were the two Julies practicaly shared a brain not always a sucess. "Are you alright" "yeah are you alright we heard" "heard what?" Ashley asked in cofusion "the Peckam boot gang they are off the block today" "block today" Julie J joined in "i know im fine just chill ok" she smiled at them and made a quick exit she didnt know and she wasnt fine. As she made her way down a hall she ran into Fenner bringing the gang back from the block she stopped dead in her tracks "now's your chance girls" Fenner broke the siclence this made Ashley more nervous "we are sorry we wont do again" Maxi spoke up "will we" nudgeing Tina "no we are really sorry" holding her hand out "friends" Ashly relucly took Maxi's hand "friends" Ashley repeated. What did Maxi think she was stupid or somthing? Ashley wouldn't trust Maxi Purvis as far as she could push her with her p*ss she had to escape but how?

"AGGGHHH" Ashley screamed at the top of her vioce soon as she heard bodybag comin she threw herself on the floor cluching her stomach "whats wrong" Bodybag said in an unconcerned vioce. "Miss i dont know Miss"

"Well i will go and get the doctor dont move"

Half an hour later Dr.nono was in her cell Ashley kept up the act until Bodybag left Dr.nono shaking cause he couldnt fined anthing wrong with her. As soon as bodybag was out of sight she sat up "Here's the deal you say im ill enough to go hospital and i wont tell them you've been blackmailing the older girls with drugs i know you have i have proof if you do anything to me the screws will still find out i left them the proof in my will. Do we have a deal?" He nodded his head Ashley was shocked she didn't have any proof she didnt even know it was just a hunch she didnt have a will she was just 11 for god sakes how stupid his he.

A hour later she at the hospital cuffed to moaning bodybag "miss i need the toilet miss" "alright dont belong" Bodybag moaned as she uncuffed her. Ashley went into the tiolet and straight out of the window.

After walking for about eighteen hours Ashley started to get tired she didnt mind walking in fact she liked it. She fell asleep under a sign she woke early next morning and walked around the sigh it said WELCOME TO SUMMERBAY she contuined walking for another half anhour until she saw this house she looked though the window and saw a choclate bar she was starving she hadnt ate since the morning when she ran away she look around no one was around she decided just to sneek in take the choclate bar and run she picked up the choclate bar "OY" she heard a vioce behind her she dropped the choclate bar she knew she was busted.

Will the owner of the choclate bar call the poilce?

Will she go back to the place she hates most?

Will she finally get the loving family shes always dreamed of?


Please leave messages to tell me what you think

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"Ssorry" Ashley stuttterd the person just stares and say's in a calm vioce "Why did you break into my house" Ashley's first thought was she didn't the door was open but before she said anything she relized just because the door is open does give you the right to go in "i was hungry i saw the choclate bar on the side i'm really" the person just stares "are you gonna call the poilce" "Sit down i will make you somthing to eat" ashley was confused she just broke into this persons house and they were smiling at her and offering to make her somthing to eat "Why would you do that" "Well your hungry arnt you" Ashley nodded while she was guided to a chair.

They put fry up in front of her "thankyou" she said still not sure why they was doing this "well tuck in before it gets cold" she starts to eat fast " hey hey slow down theres more that came from" "sorry" "thats ok so whats your name" "whats yours" "oh ok i'll go first my name is Irene Roberts" Ashley didn't know whether she should tell her but there was somthing that she trusted "well do you have a name or not" "Ashely" she rushed out her name before she told her she didn't have one "my name's Ashley Dynamite" "Well Ashley were do you live" Ashley dropped her head and said she didn't live anywere she thought it was best she didnt mention the prison thing "You can stay here if you want we can see about gettin you in school" Ashleys head shot she could of swore her heart stopped for a moment "are you serious" "yes unless you've got anywhere better to go"

Ashley still didnt understand

"Are you a child snacher"

Irene was a little bit taken back "no"

"Are you a mass mureder"


"Are you sycopath"


"Were you a child snacher"


"Were you a mass mureder"


"Were you a...."

"No" she was cut of "Are you like this with everybody whos nice to you"

"Well your the first so yeah"

"Look ashley im look after kids like you and i would like to come and live with us so what do you say"

"One more qustion are you CRAZY" at this piont she got up and threw her hands in the air "For you know i could be a child snacher a mass mureder or a sycopath and your just gonna take me into your home which is very nice by the way" she didnt know why she was acting like this it was all she ever wanted for all she knew she could have blown it.

"Why are you any of those things"

"No" she replied sheeply

"Well would you like to stay here"

"Yes please"

"Well lets go and you your room before the others get home"


"Yeah Haley Will Nick Tasha"

"Cool how old are they"

"Well haley and tasha are 12 Nicks 13 and Wills 15 how old are you"

"11 what are they like"

"You'll see soon enough"

Ashley was sat outside after dinner she could hardly beleive what happend everone nice to eachover and talk in turns about they day and noone interupted anyone well exept her who was constancley asking qustions about school and best of all Irene said she a member of the family

"Hey" Irene walked up sat besides her hande her a cup of cocco


"Why dont you tell me a bit about yourself"


"Where do you come from no were special"

"Well tell me somthing special about you what do you want to do"

"I wanna be a lifeguard i wanna sit in high lifeguards chair with cool life guards clothes and have a shiny lifeguards whistle and save peoples lifes even if ther not drownin that much i'll be there"

She notice Irene staring at her "Im gonna do it you'll see"

"I beleive you love let me know if you need any help"


"What is it darl"

"I cant swim im no rocket sciencist but i know you have to good swimer to be a life guard"

"Well i'll have a word with Vinnie pattterson the local lifeguared and ask him to teach you and show you a few tricks of the trade while he's at it"

"Thanks Irene means alot to me"

"Thats alright hant you better be off to bed its half past nine"

Irene went give her a hug she jumped

"Whats the no one ever give you a hug before"

"Not that i can remember"

"Well you will remember this come here squit"

They hugged

"Night squirt"

"Night Irene"

It didnt take long for Ashley to fall asleep that night she finaly found what she was looking for.

What does Irene say to Ashley that make her break down in tears?

Ashley sees a face from the past that she could do without?

What in Ashleys letter?

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