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Flamin Heck, it's Alf Stewart!

Guest -Tess-

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  • 1 month later...

Alf flamin stewarts a flamin legend life in the bay would not be the same without him stoning them crows or spotting hogans ghost,striking himself handsome and asking everyone what the flamin hell's going on here?

he has battled through earthquakes,cyclones,heart attacks,brain tumours,

so show the flamin hoon more appreciation :P

hee hee

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I remember these hilarious one's

Alf " would you like to go and get a rubbish bag"

colleen " why"

Alf " because your talking flamin garbage woman"

martha running naked along the beach

Alf " so how long you in the city for"

Morag " erm about a week"

(martha runs past)

Alf " Strike me flamin roan put some flamin clothes on girl"

celia " oh come on alfred it's a bible it will help you see the error of your ways"

Ailsa " oh come on love thank her it's a lovely gesture"

Alf " Strewth yeh thanks sis just what i have always wanted a flamin a-z guide of where i went wrong in life"

ailsa " oh for heavens sake Aaron i thought we could trust you to have a sensible party"

Alf " look Ails i found this flamin hoon watering our lawn and i dont mean with a flamin hosepipe either"

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