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Meet The Producers:Julie McGauran

Guest Stuart2006

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Source:Inside Soap

Summer Bay has withstood Floods, earthquakes, Bush Fires and a cyclone - but producer Julie McGauran says there are many more disasters to come!

Despite being on screen for almost 2 decades, Home and away is looking fresher than ever. Producer Julie McGauran, who has been at the helm of the sun-drenched soap for the past five years, exclusively reveals the secrets behind the show's success.......

Home And Away is enjoying a record run of high ratings Down Under. Why do you think that is?

I believe the main reason is that we don't rest on our laurels. We keep trying to improve the programme. It looks fantastic because the cast and crew work their butts off!!!

The show is famous for its disaster plots, the latest being Jack and Martha's wedding reception, and the subsequent helicopter crash. Why do think storyline work so well?

People watch Home and away and other dramas for exactly that - a bit of Drama! It's great to the characters you love in jeopardy, because of other brilliant storylines can come from that. For example the helicopter crash puts all our favourite relationships on the line - and for every person on-board, something will change.

The return of Zoe has also been centre to the action of late. Why do you think viewers have responded so well to her?

Everyone loves a baddy, and she is without doubt one of the best we've had in a long time. Who doesn't hate her for what you did to our hero, Sally? Also, Emily Perry, Who plays Zoe, Does such a god job of convincing everyone that Zoe is someone she isn't - We as the audience feel just as betrayed as the characters do.

The death of Flynn was another major storyline. What factors go into deciding whether to kill off a character?

Joel Mcllroy, who played Flynn, was with us three years, and we loved him. When he decided to move on, we realised there was no way we could break Flynn and Sally up, so we needed another to approach to write the character out - and unfortunately that meant killing him off. But we got loads of fantastic drama out of that, as well as a lot of feedback from viewers. It seems, sadly, that everyone is touched by cancer.

Home and Away is renowned for bring characters from the past. Is there anyone you'd particularry like to return?

My personal choice is Vinnie Patterson, who was played by Ryan Kwanten, to come back. He brought such humour and energy to the show, and he was loved very much. And i think we'd all lke to bobby Simpson return, but that could be difficult, for obvious reasons! Frank Morgan would be another one - we havent seen him for a while.

Finally, We've seen some rather outlandish story developments quite recently, such as cult leader Mumma Rose Kidnapping Tasha. Do you feel there's ever a danger of losing the plot a little?

Absolutely. We always want to push things, but we know their's a line we can't cross. It's all about getting the balance right. For every big storyline, we have a smaller story to balance it with, even if it's just the teens going through an everyday problem at school. People attach to both the real and melodramatic storylines at the same time.


Julie reveals all the hottest plot news to inside soap...

Danny's Boy...

"It turns out that peter has a son named Drew, who has been at boarding school all these years. Peters brother, Dan, meets him next week(2 Weeks), and he brings Drew to summer Bay. Dan and Leah's household is thrown into chaos!"

Love for Sally?

"Everyone would like to see Sally happy again. Rachel's brother Brad, arrives in the bay in a few weeks, and while Sally won't fall in love straight away the audience will see a connection"

Oh, Baby!

"Mumma Rose is going to rtuurn to claim Tashas baby! Clues already been planted for this storyline, and for those eagle-eyed viewers who have been paying attention, it'll all begin to make sense...."

Heaven and Belle!

"Belle wants Ric to herself, and a love triangle is starting to develop between those two and Cassie. Let's not forget Belle is Amanda's daughter - and although Belle would hate to admit it, they are very much alike!"

Blast From the past

"Matilda is going through quite a self- loathing time at the moment, but her relationship with Lucas seems to be getting back on track. Unfortunately someone from Lucas's past comes back to haunt them in 2 weeks...."

That has took me 1 hour to type out. If i had a account on A image website i would of had scanned it but i don't have one. I do have a scanner although.

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OK. I can't change answers to make them better it's the way they were printed on the magazine. I only changed when it says about Drew coming in the magazine(21-28 OCT) it says 1 week but At The Moment its two with the magazine been 1 week forward.

We're not criticising you, we're discussing what Julie actually had to say.

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She is wrong. I don't hate Zoe. I love her. I think she is better than most of the good guys. Why do they assume just because someone is bad it means we love to hate them??? I was cheering her on to blow that shack up and kill a few of the annoying characters like Lucas.

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She seemed more evasive and basic than anything else. It says the Producers were supposed to reveal stuff, the questions put to her weren't exactly relating to stuff being revealed. I think storylines may improve when Leigh McGrath takes over the Script Department, Daniel Bennett's had a nice run, but he had changed the show a lot from his learner Bevan Lee. I think Julie is his boss though, so she must ok everything before hand and then i think John Holmes is her boss, he did make the show and well, everyone has a boss. Everything that goes on screen has to be given the go ahead by someone, so they must be pretty clued up and have their head screwed on.

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