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Ric and Matilda

Guest Danifan

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i was saying that i had now found the magazine scan of ric and matilda kissing as someone said they had seen it but im not in auz so was asking where i could find it, then i found it in this forum.

i also wanted to know the episode where they hold hands but then it was in the episode which i downloaded, which i didnt know when i posted the request

...are you sure on the nightclub pics- this is the link to them they are all in the 2nd from bottom row and i deffo dont remember seeing that episode! the only ep i remember seeing ric and matilda in a nightclub was ...

Episode #3908 Wed 2/3/05

Matilda and Ric's secret relationship is exposed, with devastating consequences. Flynn is forced to tell Sally the truth about his drugs. Irene has an indecent proposal for Hyde.

BARRY HYDE (IVAR KANTS) – Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3906. Helped Irene try to get out of jury duty in the city.

SNR CONST. KEN HARPER (MARK McCANN) – Sixteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3903. Busted Ric and Matilda at the nightclub.

NURSE JULIE COOPER (LISA HAYSON-PHILIPS) – Fifteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3893. Participated in the drug investigation interviews.

INVESTIGATOR Episode #1 (DAVID WHITNEY) – Conducted the drugs investigation.

INVESTIGATOR Episode #2 (NOT CREDITED) – Conducted the drugs investigation.

SNR. CONST. McGRATH (KIM KNUCKEY) – Credited for no appearance.

* I think the ep was before matilda started getting bronzed up lol and was when she and ric snuck off-which makes sense as they were caught at a nightclub. i think maddie was wearin a white dress


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