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Indiana Evans

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Indiana Evans is beautiful and easily the best actress out of the younger cast members. She puts the others to shame. I'm really glad she is getting more storylines of her own, i was fed up of her being in the background and being just Cassie's mate rather than an actual interesting character. I think to spice it up Ric should dump Cassie, Matilda should tell Lucas where to go and then Ric and Matilda can fall in love with each other.

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^I disagree. Not with how good an actress she is, and how she is finally getting good storylines of her own, because I actually 100% agree with you there! I disagree with the fact that Ric and Mattie should get together.

Dean and Mattie are rather phwoarr. However, Lucas and Mattie should be together. It was obvious from the beginning that Lucas and Mattie were meant to be, and I can only just hope that they will one day get back together. PLUS, that leaves Dean for me, as I'm totally 100% in love with him :D

I am really glad that Indiana is getting storylines of her own, especially this bulimic/health center storyline. It's good to know that these reallife things do get remembered in such big shows like Home and Away, and it's good to see that even if you do have a problem, like selfharm (which is technically what making yourself throwup is, not just cutting, pulling hair, burning etc).

Anyways, Indiana is my alltime favourite actress on Home and Away, and Mattie is my alltime favourite character, and I hope these juicy storylines for Mattie keep up, cause I would lovelovelove to see Indiana act for all different types of things :)

Whoah, that was kinda long :lol:

Clairey xxx.

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Indi Evans has always been good, it took me awhile to notice her because she was always in the background. But now she's really shined since her recent storyline. Matilda is my favourite teen character, she's alot better than all the other teen characters on the show.

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