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Summer Bay History

Guest Willz

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Written with Jack4Martha_forever.

One bright sunny day over the coastal town of Summer Bay everyone seems to enjoy what there for them espeacily Alf who is looking over at the beach Summer Bay had share so much over the years and now it never the same for Alf since his wife Alisa died of a heart attack and Morag is now on his side with every case but one bright sunny day is peaceful Martha and Jack are walking to see Alf and they both chat then we have the local town gossip Colleen and 6 teens Ric,Mattie,Cassie,Lucas,Belle and Drew and also we have three foster mums Irene,Sally and Beth also two best friends Leah and Racheal and Teachers Dan,Brad,Tony and Amanda and Kim who owns the gym. Um Jack4Martha forever have we left anyone out.

Oh yeh and two newly weds Robbie and Tasha

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Now Summer Bay has gone back the way it meet to be with everyone having fun, especaily our two newley weds Tony and Beth and Robbie and Tasha with the teens gone back to the person that they love and Sally and Brad owns the Carpark house with every part is well under way Alf help the others who needed it Jack and Martha are expecting a child on the way.

That the next part everyone will have their own stories and we have some plots and twists with each charcters that lives around this peacful town

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