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My Silly Fic

Guest ~Rosey~

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It was just a normal day in Summer Bay. Kim and Colleen where sitting on the beach sharing a passionate kiss. Rachel and Skippy where sitting in the diner, when suddenly Zoe walked in holding Kim hostage. Colleen came running in after them, leaping over the tied up Kim and Zoe, running into the kitchen. She came out holding cookies, and started throwing them at Zoe. She caught one in her mouth and ate it. She untied Kim and Skippy ran up to him, hugging him, and then throwing a cookie in to Zoe's eye, and stuffing Irenes muffin down her throat. And thats how Zoe died. Kim, Skippy, Jack, Tony and Barry carried Zoes body to the tyre factory, and set it alight. In there, still remains her body.

I have no clue why I just wrote that...I might ad more later, just not tonight.

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