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Stars come out to play

Guest Andy

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Stars come out to play

Daily Telegraph

4 August 2006


Enmore Theatre

As part of the annual Theatresports Celebrity Challenge, six teams of actors, comedians, radio presenters and improv experts compete for laughs on stage next Saturday without scripts.

Combatants will need to rely on their wits, with each team of four to be given a series of demanding games. These could include speaking in rhyme, acting out a fairytale, mime, tap dancing or a reality TV parody.

For Home And Away's Amy Mathews it could be nerve-racking.

Mathews, 27, last year attended an eight-week evening course in theatre improvisation. She's putting on a brave face and expects it to be "exciting".

Mathews is still waiting to hear who her teammates will be. They could include Ada Nicodemou (Home And Away), Tim Harding (Hi-5), Jake Stone (Bluejuice), Monica Trapaga (kids' TV presenter), David Williams (comedian) and Angela Bishop (Channel 10).

Proceeds go to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

* August 12, 8pm

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