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Does anyone want these H&A songs uploaded?

Guest lilaccat

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I have some songs from Home and Away but I'll only upload them if someone wants them.

They are

- Holding On by Danielle Spencer (the one played when Dani went to jail).

- Beautiful Life by Kate Ceberano (played on Hayley and Noah's wedding day - its only the segment which Hayley walks up the aisle to)

-Rock n Rolls Mine (both the Tulips version and Kirsty singing it)

-Another Perfect Day by Butterfly 9 (played before Leah and Dan's wedding)

-Hold On by Lisa Miller (it was played when Hayley was talking to Kit about Noah's life insurance and how she didnt want the money, she wanted him. Its just a small bit of the song and has Hayley talking at the end)

-Walking into Doors by Archie Roach (played during the Donna and Andrew abuse storyline) - already uploaded

-I've got a Plan by My Friend the Chocolate Cake (played a lot during the 90's)

-I'll believe you by Leonardo's Bride (the song Kit sung to Tash to calm her down) - already uploaded

-Face of a Killer by Bridie o Brien

I think thats all but if I find anymore then I'll post again

Just reply on this thread if you want any of them and I'll upload them for you

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Here's Face of A Killer by Bridie O Brien


Here's Hold On by Lisa Miller


It's in winamp format but if you can't play this then maybe someone can download it and convert it. I don't have a converter.

Here's Rock n Rolls Mine. I think its the version by Kirsty although for some reason its named The Tulips


Its also in winamp format

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