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Lonely Mind

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OK, Here's an explanation so you dont get confused reading this. The chapters are based on Luke/Mattie and Jack/Martha. The first few chapters will flicker between each couple, so chapter one is J/M and chapter 2 will be L/m and so on. In a few chapters time. Their world will interwine though, making it all one. I hope that makes sense.

Chapter 1

His eyes burned onto hers, transfixed by her pure beauty. The gorgeous brown eyes she carried shone like stars. He'd listed it as his favourite feature, along with her glowing smile. Taking her hand in his, he pulled her closer. "The most beautiful girl in the world" he whispered softly into her ear. She smiled and brushed her lips against his. Craving every inch of him, she pressed her body against his. Passion engulfing her, she ran her fingers through his silky smooth hair. His hands ran up and down her back. He pushed her against the wall, her back digging onto it. Suddenly, she broke away. "What is it?" he asked. Walking behind her and placing his arms tenderly around her waist. She smiled sadly. "I'm not ready for this yet" she said, tears forming in her eyes, misting her view. His face bore an expression of confusion and sadness. "What's going on?" he asked. She wiped a falling tear away. "I-I just keep thinking about us. Wondering if we're doing the right thing"

"You mean by being together?" he asked, confused. He'd known his love for her was pure the moment he met her. Every part of her was perfect, from the glowing silky smotth skin to her sweet, innocent laugh. She took a deep breath and nodded. "What if we're not meant to be?"

Taking her hand in his, he gebtly rubbed his thumb against her fingers. "Where's all this coming from?" he asked. She smiled, sadly at him, yet remained silent. She'd known he'd want answers, but they were answers she simly could not give. Nothing made sense to her either. She'd prayed for a happy life with Jack Holden for so long. Now her wish had been granted, yet she had the desperate urge to fight it. Her mind raced with a thousand thoughts. Wonders.

Standing up, she placed her hand on his cheek and kissed the tip of his nose lightly. She rested their foreheads together. "I love you" she cried. Tears that had somehow broken free from their prison. He placed his hand aroud her waist and kissed her cheek gently. "I love you too" was all he could reply. Nothing ade sense to him any more. He entwined his body with hers, gripping her tightly within his masculine arms. His grip tightened. Not wanting to let go. Merely wanting this moment to last forever.


OK, I know it's short and probaby doesn't make sense, but please bear with me, all will fall together soon enough...

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I had to post because it looks like I just read it, and then left without a comment - which is incredibly rude. lol. I haven't read it yet, as I'm too busy on your damn website giving my long definition for cool words on the Gibberictionary. :D I'll edit.


You're right, it's short, confusing, but GREAT! You know what the additional bonus is to the lovely desription and cute cute moment? The lack of elipses. :) Lol.

More soon!! :D

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Okay... I ventured because it had Luke and Maddie. So sue me. But I do like the sound of this, even if it does have J&M in it. I'm still unsure about them, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Now that I've said that, I hope you don't feel insulted, because I loved your writing style. It was so captivating, and sensual. I'm intrigued as to where this story is going

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