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I gave up Sydney for Casualty

Guest Di

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Oh SHUT UP Kip! You arrogant self righteous twat!

I agree he is so arrogant and stuck up! Home and away is soo much better then casualty in my opinion don't kinow why he is mocking home and away. I would rather live in Sydney any day!

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Could you tell me what magazine you got that from please, i live in Bristol too, so hopefully i will bump into Kip sometime soon espiecally as he lives here now, although if it was me i would rather live in Sydney lol!!!

It was from 'Woman' June 12th issue hun :D , yeah I'm a bit behind in my magazines.

I don't think Kip is been a arrogant self centred git. Kip has never hidden the true facts and has always been honest about how the script writters have treated him in H&A. Good On Kip I'd say, don't forget H&A and Casualty are two complete diffrent drama's set in two completely settings. H&A is always going to be limited on how they can show grittier storylines. I think Kip was just getting accross how this makes things so diffrent and challenging for him now he is in Casualty. As it don't have as much red tape so to speak with its grittiness and more adult stroys it can show.

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Get out of my life Kip Gamblin. Even when you're not on my screen you distress me with your embarrassing ego. It's not that he annoys me particularly, I just feel bad when people embarrass themselves and don't seem to learn. Surely he must understand how vile he comes across in these interviews when he carries on about Home and Away in this manner.

The writing's better on Casualty? I've never heard a positive word spoken about it personally, but I guess it's all in the interpretation. Well I hope the writers don't make the mistake of giving Kip a love interest or several front burner storylines. He doesn't seem to like that.

I won't rest until this idiot is no longer an modestly successful untalented actor. What must he be teaching those poor kids? "Daddy was given a plum role on a very successful TV series which propelled my career much further than my talent warranted. However I must not show any gratitude or class about it. I will take every opportunity to make sure people know I'm so far above the show that made me famous. And I want you kids to do the same when you're grown up. Oh and to my son Kelly, I'm sorry for giving you a girls' name, but you know how your mother is. I wanted to give you a man's name, like Vivien."

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