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Happy Birthday To You....

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now i have rocky horror in my head...don't ask <_<. i'll let you guess the song ;).

Hmmm... "Toucha toucha toucha touch me! I wanna be dirty!"...?

"I can make you a man"...?

"I'm just a sweet transvestite" ...:blink:? It's the crossed corset-like strings on the white shirt isn't it...

You guessed it...one of those is right ;).

Now I just miss Robbie! :(

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We all miss Robbie... I'm sure he'll be back... some day... Perhaps Tasha could die tragically (depending on how Isabel Lucas' carreer goes) and he'll return with Ella... determined to raise her in a simple little town called Summer Bay... Oooh he could use his bad American accent from Power Rangers :P

Um, did I say bad? I meant... charming... :unsure:

He actually does sound quite sexy with an accent...

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