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Left Outside Alone

Guest ~Natasha~

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My new fiction about the five Summer Bay residents that are lost but occasionally there might be parts on the family and friends back in the Bay.

I haven't actually seen any episodes with the crash or after that but I think I know most of what I need to thanks to JT summaries (Which are great by the way, thank yoouu) except I've changed it a bit because they are all together (Haven't left K&K behind). ^_^

This part is Robbie's and Belle's point of view. ^_^ xxx

Left Outside Alone


Ok so I'm cold, tired and feel like I haven't got the energy to go on anymore. I feel like I'm going to faint because I'm so dehydrated, but Belle, Martha and Colin are all ill now because they drunk that water. I warned them but did they listen? No. Ever get that feeling that your just being ignored?

I'm stuck in the middle of no where with a load of lunatics! Belle won't stop whining, Colin and Kim won't stop arguing and when he's not arguing with Colin, Kim is continuously flirting with danger, I mean my sister. Kit and Belle are still arguing all the time and Martha, well she's not really doing anything at the moment to annoy me- she's just feeling nauseas because of that water so all she's doing is vomiting and fainting which has started to scare me but what can I do out here?

We are running out of water, actually that isn't true! We have no water at all, we have already ran out of water, ages ago. And its taking its toll on the others, Martha was very dehydrated the other day but now she's drank that water, she's got worse. Also, Belle and Colin have too.

I miss everyone at home, although I do feel relieved that Kit is with me and a few of my friends like Martha and Kim. I wonder how Tasha is right now? And what she's been up to in the few weeks that I've been gone. What if she's not coping? It could harm the baby I think. I hope she's being looked after by everyone in Summer Bay, people like Irene and others.

I hope know I will see her soon. Tasha and her unborn baby who I know are in safe hands back home.


I can't stand it out here! I hate it so much, they can all complain about me but I know there all thinking the same as me. I'm just saying it out loud for them.

I feel really sick. Infact I think I've thrown up five times in the last hour or so, not that I'm counting or anything. But while I'm out here, there is nothing else to do. Its so boring out here, there’s more action in Summer Bay most of the time and that’s saying something.

I want to go home but if I don't make it, not many people would miss me.

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Thanks to all 3 of you. cool.gif

This part is Kit's, Martha's and Kim's point of view. ^_^ xxx

Left Outside Alone


Eurgh it smells so bad out here, I can't believe we all agreed to stop here for the night. Another twelve or thirteen hours of trying to get to sleep but probably failing due to whinging, complaining and vomiting from the others.

My throat is really dry and I'm really thirsty, there is no water! I feel like I'm going to collapse at any moment now but I try to stop myself. I haven't got the energy anymore, I can't be bothered with anything.

Last night was amazing, I ended up in a passionate embrace with Kim. He's feeling rather guilty about his fiance Rachel which is understandable, but I loved it. It just felt so right like we are just suppose to be together. I need to snap out of it urgently. Its never going to happen!


I want Jack.


I feel so guily, how could I let it happen? How could I let it happen knowing I might never see Rachel ever again! I miss her so much. I hope she is okay back home. And I also hope she isn't blaming herself for this because it isn't her fault. She was just trying to help us all, she didn't know that we would get caught up in a storm. I guess we are lucky to survive, but we won't for much longer if we don't get food or water.

Martha's feeling really bad, but I don't blame her. It was her wedding day! It was suppose to be the best day of her's and Jack's life and it ended in tragedy thanks to Zoe, Eve, whatever she calls herself next although I'm sure she's dead. I know Martha is still very shaken up about it and I also know she misses her husband Jack and everyone in Summer Bay.

Robbie doesn't talk much anymore, this morning he hardly said a word to anyone. He's thinking about Tash and how she's coping without him and the unborn baby that I know he loves like his own.

I miss Rachel so much.

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