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Glad you like them, Amy. :)

Thanks, Cat. :) I think I've found my niche with Harry Potter-ness! I think it helps that I'm a bit of a Harry Potter geek anyway....I just love making them!

3 Harry/Hermione (I'm a bit of a H/H 'shipper :P)




Hope you like them, guys. :) Comment away!

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Thanks for that, Merc. It's always good to know where I can improve. :) That's the only way they'll get better. :) Yeah...the text...I suck at putting text on and stuff...I just kind of fell in love with the font. :P

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The font is great, but if you really want to use it, you should try it in a different color - white is nice and all, but if you have white with just a tad of pink or green or... another color from the icon, it might be better. Use the drop-thingie (can't remember what it's called) to pick a color present in the icon, and using that, find a light, white-version of it for the text :)

As for the "blandness" - you could try using some curves.

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I've messed around with the Harry/Hermione icons:

3 Harry/Hermione




I think that the colouring of the writing looks better on this lot, although I'm gonna have to play around with curves a bit more (either that or find a good tutorial to teach me!)...still haven't really got the hang of them. Hope you like. Comment away. :)

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Thanks, -Emily-. :) Glad you like them. :)

Anyway...here's two more....

2 Albus Dumbledore



I can't decide whether I think these need a brush or not? I like them 'cos they're simple...but I don't know if they look 'complete' or not? Any advice would be much appreciated! :) Comment away!

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