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Season Finale Week 2006

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RECAP: Martha is overcome with joy when she is told she is pregnant, Tasha and Robbie prepare to leave the bay for a new life in England with Rob Junior, Dan is shaken when he gets a letter from his dead brother pete, and Sally recieves some horrifying news... and someone is lurking in the darkness, waiting for revenge!

Monday's Episode

[Role credits]

[scene Opens] [Dan and Leah's house]

[Dan sits anxiously in the seat opposite the coffee table biting his finger nails with anticipation, knowing the letter is from his dead brother Pete, unaware of what it could contain. Leah enters the room, and sees him sitting in the chair looking distressed...]

LEAH: Hey... (softly approaching her worried husband) you know I could open it for you, if it's going be to much?

DAN: Nah... (smiling faintly) it's probably just nothing, a sick joke maybe.. probably Amanda, you know she left the bay on bad terms, maybe this is her way of getting back at me?

LEAH: I know you and Amanda didn't have a great relationship, but it was you found out that Pete was actually Ryan's father, I dont think she would be this stupid!?

DAN: (Gets up grabbing the letter and walks into the kitchen and freezes in front of the bin, Leah follows) You know i don't think i want to read this, I'm not sure I can, so much has happened since his death, so much has come out...

[Leah takes Dan's hand in which he is holding the letter, and holds it]

LEAH: If you want to throw it away, then throw it away, if you want to read it... i'll still be here...

DAN: Nah, some things are best left in the past - eh? [he looks at Leah, seeking reassurance, she smiles back at him and then turns to go back into the living room, as Dan goes to put the letter in the bin he hesitates, eventually letting go, will he ever find out what the letter said? is Peter still alive?]

[scene Closes] [The Diner]

[Jack sits impatiently fiddling with his straw, Martha walks in and stands opposite him, he looks up and takes a sigh]

JACK: Well?

MARTHA: (Smiling) How do you fancy being a dad?

JACK: (Jumps out of his seat, grabs Martha, picks her up and swings her round, just at that moment, Colleen, Tony, Beth and Alf enter)

Colleen: Ooh, what's all this comotion?

MARTHA: Well, i guess now your all here, we can let you know... (she looks at Jack)

JACK: Me and Martha, we are having a baby...

[Everyone responds in joy as they congratulate Martha and Jack]

ALF: Well done mate!

MARTHA: Thanks Grandad!

[scene Closes] [sally's House]

SALLY: I can't believe Zoe, is still alive, I mean it's impossible, we saw her - she was dead... we know she can't have survived, i don't understand how this letter could have been from her?

DETECTIVE JONSON: I don't think this is Zoe, this is someone related to Zoe, and it's someone, you know very well... I think Zoe was never alone, this case has always had something missing, someone was always there feeding her passion to seek revenge on summerbay...

SALLY: Yeah, but who? I mean, you've seen this people Brad, there isn't anyway they could be capable of something like this, let alone keep this up for nearly two years - surely someone would have slipped up by now?

DETECTIVE JONSON: Not if they are careful, organised and clever... (pauses)... Sally, you need to think very hard about one of your friends, because I am telling you they are at the route of this, this is someone you all know very well, someone you'd least expect... and believe you me - this threat is serious...

[sally sits in shock, who is Zoe's secret manager for her terror? How will Sally inform the rest of summer bay?]


Sally discovers that Zoe had a sibling in the bay and its someone we all know, could this be the person who has been helping her all along? Martha and Jack recieve a threat from someone claiming to be Zoe, Dan recieves another letter from, Peter, but what does it say that shocks him so much?


The end of this season, Three will die... Someone is out for Revenge... A couple will break up, a couple will reunite... A long serving character will finally bow out....

Who, What, when?

Find out next time

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