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After the Bomb

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As Jack and Martha's wedding went down in flames, from Zoe. Their friends and family gathered outside the chruch, some were crying, people were bleeding and blood covered the grass.

"Martha" Sally said pulling her out from a pile of wood, her face was scared with cuts all over her body, her wedding dress was black and torn, everything was ruined all because of one person.

"Sal, i' can't move" Martha said not feeling any movement at all.

"Someone help me" Sally screamed as Peter came by,

"Peter its Martha she needs help she needs medical attention straight away." Sally said as she showed Peter Martha on top of some dead bodies.

'Martha can you move anything" He asked concerned of his mates wife.

"No its hard to talk" She said gasping for air. He carried Martha outside the church. Most of the people got out okay, but Martha's injuries were the worst, other than the dead people inside.

"Jack mate help" He said as Jack came over to him.

"Martha" He said, as Peter laid her down on the grass, people gathered around them as Rachel approched them.

"Jack i need you to stay back" She siad trying to check Martha.

"No i can't shes my wife" He siad struggling as Tony and Lucas held him back, he watched Martha cry in pain as Rachel touch her leg.

"OH Jack, Jack" Martha screamed, "Jack i love you, i'm sorry" She said,

Jack was taken along with others to the hospital for checking hours later, He was discharged but to take it easy. Martha was still in surgery. He sat on a chair, a the meomories flashed back of Zoe, his childhood, Martha. He had lost everything he loved.

"Jack mate how is she" He asked as a doctor approched him.

"I don't know" He said tears were forming in his eyes as he went to the doctor.

"Mr Holden Your wife's injuries were in a terriable state, she suffered a pile of heavy wood on top of her and in her state she was not fit to carry heavy things, your wife is going to be okay, her legs are a bit shaky and she will need to stay here for a week, but i do have some great news, your wife is pregnant" The doctir said,

Jack had more tears in his eyes as Tony came up to his son.

"What's wrong mate" Tony said as Jack feel into his fathers arms, happy for once.

"i'm gonna be a dad" Jack said as Tony cried as well,

"I'm gonna be a grandad" Tony said as Jack saw Martha on a trolley waiting to be taken to her room,

"Martha' Jack said running over to the trolley.

"Hey" Martha siad weakly, she coughed trying to sit up, Jack placed her back down,

"Save your strenghth for later" He said smiling at her,

"I thought i was gonna loose you today" Jack said pushing a piece of her hair out of her face,

'So did i" She said as she got whelled away.

Everyone taht night was at Noah's having a drink fir the losses and the surviours, Martha insisted on leaving the hospital to join, on a condition to Jack that she would go straight home to rest afterwards.

Jack had brought in some of her clothes as she couldn't wear he rdirty weddding dress.

"Knock, knock" Jack said as she was waiting for him,

"It's open" She said, grabbing her crutchers and walking to the door. Jack helped her into their car as he drove to the surf club.

"So us parents wierd right," Jack said making martha smile since the bomb.

"Yeah, i can't believe 'm carrying your baby" She siad as they apporched the surf club,

"You sure you don't need some help" Jack said as Martha opened the car door,

"No i'm fine" She siad slipping on the mud but grabbed Jack's Jacket as she stood back up, Jack helped her walk into the club as a stranger watched them from a distance.

As Martha walked in next to Jack, Ric approched them.

"Martha can i speak to you" He said as Jack walked over to his little brother and dad.

"Macca and grandad never survived" Ric said as Martha fell into Ric's arms in tears.

"Jack" Ric yelled as he approched Jack took Martha into his arms as she was getting tired.

"Hey lets get you home" He said worried,

"I'm fine Jack, i jsut need to speak to Tasha" She said as she walked over to the bar where Beth and Tony were serving drinks, Tasha had walked in from the back way into Martha,

"Hey watch" She saw Tasha holding her baby.

"Oh my god is that him" Martha siad,

"Yeah this is Robbie" Tasha said, As tasha held the baby to Martha she took him into her arms, he was just opening his eyes,

"Tasha he is so cute" Martha siad handing him back to her,

"I just wish Robbie was alive" She said as Martha sat on the couch.

"I no i just ouch" Martha said placing a hand on her stomach, Jack smiled as Tasha looked at them,

"Okay guys whats goning on" She said

"I'm pregnant" Martha siad as Jack placed his hand on her stomach.

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i cant beleieve alf and robbie and macca died :(

im so glad martha's pregnant (wish it'll happen on the show)

and whos the creep watching martha? and please dont say corey or some pyscho ex of either jack or martha :P

but pleae update soon :)

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