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Secrets, Lies, Lovers and Affairs!

Guest Lilone

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Chapter 6

Leah jumped off Peter to find Srg Darren McGrath standing at his door gob smacked to see what Peter was getting up to.

Leah done her top back up and said ‘I think I better go’.

Darren walked away from Peter’s office leaving Peter to pull his troswers back up and putting his now very creased work shirt on.

Peter walked straight over to where Darren was and said ‘Mate It’s not what you think it is’.

Darren just looked at him and said ‘Its up to you I wont say a word’.

‘I’m going to get Zoe out of her cell ready for the transfer, you just sign the papers and wait here’

Darren left to get Zoe.

Tracey entered the station and approached Peter.

‘Hey Tracey, You ready to shut this case?’ asked Peter

‘Yeah can’t wait to see the back of her’ Tracey said with a big grin on her face.

Darren and two other uniform officers walked in to the reception desk with Zoe in handcuffs.

‘Well If you didn’t all ready know, you have to sign here’ Peter said with a really big grin on his face.

Zoe just stared are Peter looking smug,

Two uniform officers and Tracey held Zoe as they took her to the police van.

Peter walked up towards the van once Zoe was in and said ‘Well this isn’t going to be a sad goodbye’ Peter said laughing.

‘I heard you have been a very naughty boy!’ Zoe said smiling at Peter.

Peter was confused by what Zoe just said but he ignored her and said ‘One more thing Zoe, GAME OVER’ then he slammed the door shut and watched the van drive off.

Peter walked back into the station followed by Tracey.

Peter slouched in his chair and said ‘Wow it is really over’

‘Yeah, I can’t believe she has gone’ Tracey said looking really happy.

‘Pete don’t you have an iron’ Tracey asked curiously.

Peter laughed whilst trying to change the subject.

‘Are you coming to constable Holden’s wedding tomorrow’ asked Peter.

‘Yeah I will for the after Party I have to do something before’ Tracey said.

‘Ok I better be going’ said Tracey.

‘cya’ Peter said with a massive grin on his face.

Once Tracey had gone Peter got up out of his chair and headed to the Dinner.

When Peter arrived the dinner was empty nobody in sight except Leah who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen.

Peter and ran into the kitchen pretending he was holding his gun in his hand and said ‘gotcha’ which made Leah nearly jump out of her skin.

Peter started laughing at Leah who walked over and hit him on his arm.

‘Sorry I have been a naughty boy’ Pete joked

‘McGrath won’t say a word he has promised’ Peter explained to Leah who walked over and hugged Pete.

‘I’m going to end things with Dan after Jack and Martha’s wedding’ Leah told Peter.

‘Are you sure’ asked Pete.

‘Im sure’ Leah said as she kissed Peter on the lips then held his hands.

‘I have got to go and deliver the good news to everyone’ said Peter.

‘What news?’ asked Leah?

‘Zoe has been transferred to the city’ Peter said.

‘That’s brilliant Pete but I think we should leave the bay after I have finished with Dan. How can we be together in the bay?’ asked Leah.

‘I think my time has finished in the Bay I need to get away after all this Zoe stuff’ explained Peter.

‘I have loads of holiday owing me’ peter said.

‘Once the wedding is over first thing Sunday morning we will go on holiday and sort everything out after that’ Peter said while gazing into Leah eyes.

‘But only if Dan knows about us, you can’t lie to him, I’m hoping we can get away if Dan doesn’t kill me’ explained Peter.

‘I’m so sorry Pete you will be giving up your family’ Leah said.

‘You’re the only thing that matters now’ said Pete.

Leah kissed Pete and he headed out of the dinner.

As Pete was walking to the car he seen Dan.

‘Hey brother you ok?’ Dan asked?

‘Yea not too bad mate’ replied Peter feeling guilty to what he and Leah are doing.

‘Just to let you know mate Zoe has been transferred’ peter said.

‘That’s excellent news’ replied Dan.

‘I have got to go speak later’ said Peter as he got in his car.

1 hour later

Peter arrived back at his house to find Jack asleep with a beer in his hand which was hanging over his sofa.

Pete walked up to jack and slowly shook him until he woke.

‘Hey mate, you ok?’ asked Peter

Jack slowly woke up wiping his eyes.

‘Hey pete’ replied Jack.

Jack sat up on the sofa and said ‘I don’t think I’m going to tell her, It was a mistake and I will regret it for the rest of my life’ said Jack.

‘Mate your secret is safe with me, and there is something’s I need to tell you!’ explained Peter.

‘What mate?’ asked jack.

‘Zoe has finally been transferred to the city and I’m leaving the Bay for a while’ peter said waiting for Jacks reply.

‘What no mate you can’t you have only just got here and you’re my best man tomorrow’ said Jack who looked really upset to what Peter just told him.

‘I will be here until Sunday but then I am going there are things that have to be done’ Said Peter.

‘But what about your new house’ asked Jack?

‘I will be back in Summer Bay but I don’t know when!’ said Peter.

Jack picks up his mobile and rings Martha.

Jack: Hey its your husband to be!

Martha: Hey I rang you earlier but Pete answered and told me you was asleep.

Jack: Yea he told me and you know how we want everything to be different for us well I am going to stay round Pete’s tonight and all the lads are coming round here to get ready. I want it not to be the night before you stay away from your bride, Too make sure everything goes perfect I am staying here so I haven’t seen you in two days.

Martha: awww Babe you’re so romantic.

Jack: I will see you at the wedding.

Jack put the phone down and just looked at Pete.

Next morning

Lucas, Tony, Kim, Robbie, Dan and Ric arrive at Peters house.

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