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Secrets, Lies, Lovers and Affairs!

Guest Lilone

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Chapter 1

‘Alf’ Colleen shouted frantically as she rushed in to the dinner nearly having a heart attack.

‘For god sake women what’s the matter’ Alf shouted as he was getting really impatient with Colleen for the last couple of days.

‘Well I was looking out my….

‘So you’re being a nosey….. That’s nothing un ordinary’ Alf said trying to ignore Colleens up coming conversation.

‘I wish you would listen to me….. I just seen detective Baker kissing someone!’ Colleen said trying not to show Alf her jealously.

‘So he was kissing someone, that poor bloke can have a women in his life as well you know!’ Alf replied whilst carrying on reading his paper.

‘Alf you don’t understand’ shouted Colleen trying to make Alf listen to her gossip.

‘Look Colleen I wish for one day you would stop spreading stuff about people’s personal lives’ Alf said angrily then left the dinner to get away from Colleen.

‘Hi Leah’ Colleen said as Leah entered the dinner to start her shift.

Colleen stood by the door and waited for Leah to look at her before a massive smile emerged on her face.

‘What’s with the big grin’ Leah asked.

‘You wouldn’t believe what me and Madge seen before I came in to work?’ replied Colleen.

‘I wouldn’t believe what’ Leah asked thinking that it was just Colleen making a big fuss out of something that is really nothing that important.

‘Detective Baker’ shouted Colleen getting really excited to tell Leah the fantastic news.

‘I seen him kissing a young lady earlier today’ Colleen said in a joyful voice.

Leah quickly stopped putting her apron on and quickly said ‘Really, where was this?’.

‘Near his new house’ Colleen stated.

Leah was even more shocked when Colleen mentioned his new house.

The thought of Peter and Leah kissing kept going through her head.

‘Colleen I think I forgot to lock the house up, I will be back soon’ Leah said as she rushed out of the dinner to get her mobile phone out.

Leah pulled her phone out of her pocket and searched through her phonebook in her phone until ‘Pete’ came up.

Leah then pressed the ring button waiting for Peter to pick up.

Just as Peter said ‘Hello’, Leah could see Dan walking towards her so she put the phone down.

Peter’s apartment

‘Who was that’ asked Clare.

‘It was Leah, really strange she just put the phone down when I answered’ said Peter looking confused.

‘I better go and see what’s wrong’ Peter said as he climbed out of bed to put his clothes back on.

‘But babe…..’

‘I know babe but it could be important’ Peter said as he walked over kissing Clare passionately on the lips.

As Peter tried to move away from Clare she whispered in his ear ‘I love you’.

Peter was stunned by what Clare had just said but smiled back at her grabbing his car keys of one of his boxes in his bedroom.

Chapter 2

Leah is walking home to ‘check the house is locked up’ when she spots Peter’s car driving past her.

Leah waves and Peter pulls over.

‘Hey what did you want me for’ Peter asked as he wound down his car window.

‘I just wanted to ask you something’ replied Leah as she stared in to Peter’s eyes thinking about the kiss.

‘I can drive you back home if you want and we can talk their’ Peter said as he tried to keep the kiss out of his head.

Leah and Peter arrived at Leah’s house.

They both walked in to the kitchen when Leah asked ‘you want a drink’.

‘Yeah can I just have water please, I need if after the day I have had’ said Peter.

‘So how come you didn’t tell us you were moving nearer to the caravan park?’ Leah asked while thinking about Peter and this other women.

‘Well after nearly losing my life on Monday I thought why not live a little and move nearer to work, my other flat was too small any way’ Peter said.

‘which house have you got then?’ asked Leah.

‘No.15, another family has moved in to No.16’ Peter said.

‘ok’ Leah replied.

‘Is that all you wanted to know?’ Peter asked.

‘Yea….’ Leah said in a unsure voice.

‘Leah why wont you look at me, ever since you have got here you haven’t looked at me once’ Peter said wondering what was going on.

‘Nothing everything is ok’ Leah said whilst still not looking at Pete.

Pete put his hand on Leah face and pulled her face so she was looking at him.

‘I thought we was ok’ Pete said.

‘We are’ Leah replied

‘Just tell me what’s wrong’ Peter said getting really confused.

‘Who’s this woman?’ Leah shouted.

‘How do you know’ Peter asked.

‘Colleen seen you with another women’ Leah said while still thinking about her and Pete before the siege.

‘well who is she?’ asked Leah.

‘I don’t get this Leah you move on with Dan but you seem really bothered that I am seen kissing another woman’ said Peter.

‘I’m not bothered who you are with…..’ Leah shouted.

‘I was getting over you then, you come and say this to me, I’m not going to let you do this to Dan’ shouted Peter then he got up and walked out of the door.

Peter arrived back at his new house to find Clare still asleep in his bed.

Clare slowly woke up when she heard Peter making dinner.

‘Hey Babe was Leah ok?’ asked Clare as she walked over to Pete wrapping her arms around his waist.

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Chapter 3

Peter was really distant towards Clare for most of the night and it was making Peter even worst at the thought of Clare wanting something he didn’t, a relationship.

Peter was just about to close his living room curtains when he could see Leah standing out side looking through in to his house. Just as he was going to go out to her she walked away.

Peter turned around and looked at Clare.

‘Babe I think I might just go to bed I don’t feel very well’ Peter said to Clare hoping she would go home.

‘Ok I think I might just go home now anyway’ replied Clare as she got her things together.

Clare gave Pete a goodbye kiss and walked out of the front door.

Peter slowly opened his curtains to make sure Clare had gone home.

Once he knew she had gone he text Leah saying ‘I’m really sorry about earlier, I seen you outside. I think we need to talk xXx’

About one hour passed and there was still no sign of Leah so Peter went in the shower.

Peter was in the shower for about 10 minutes. Peter opened his bathroom door and walked downstairs to find Leah sitting on his sofa.

Pete slowly walked up towards the sofa and sat next to Leah.

‘Pete, I’m so sorry about earlier I had no right to go off at you like that’ Leah explained.

‘I’m sorry too I shouldn’t have thought that you liked me, you have Dan’ Peter tried not

To think about how he used to feel about her.

Leah smiles at Peter then say’s ‘ok well I am glad we are ok’

Leah goes to kiss Pete on the cheek but as she looks in to his eyes they she kisses him on his lips.

Leah and Pete begin a very passionate kiss until Pete pulls away when he gets a flash back of him and Dan arguing.

Leah is shocked to find Peter pulling away from a kiss.

‘I’m sorry’ Leah said while grabbing her coat and running out of the door.

Pete slouches back in his chair holding his hands on his head thinking about what has just happened before going over to his journal to write about his day.

Dear cop book

Well I must admit the week started of really scary as I told you about what happened with that physco zoe on monday, i nearly died. My life got saved by one of my good mates thank god!, Jack Holden. It’s his wedding in a few days, I am really happy for him Martha is a lovely girl. It’s kind of going to be awkward now….. You really want to know why.

Well for a start Clare (ex) turned up on Tuesday after Tracey told her that I put my life on the line once again. She rushed down here to see me, bit of a shock when I was just thinking about asking Tracey out on a date. Well anyway I and Clare went for some drinks and I was really in a good mood after Zoe being caught and one thing lead to another. But to top it off she told me she loved me.

I didn’t no what to say after all I did leave her to be with Leah.

I am so confused especially when Leah turned up after Clare had gone and kissed me but I pulled away because I love Dan too much to hurt him again.

Peter closed his journal and went to bed.

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Chapter 4


Peter suddenly woke up after hearing someone frantically knocking on his front door.

Peter slowly got up off his bed and walked to his door saying ‘I’m coming’

Peter opened the door to see an emotional Jack with tears filling up in his eyes.

‘Mate what’s wrong’ Peter asked getting really worried about why Jack is so upset.

Jack walked straight towards Peter’s sofa and sat down crying with his hands on head.

‘Come on mate your going to have to do better then that, I am confused here. I’m not psychic I am just an ordinary detective’ Peter said trying to understand what was going on.

‘Is it Martha’ asked Peter.

Jack stood up and started to walk up and down Peters kitchen really fast just looking into oblivious.

Pete walked up to Jack and grabbed his arms and said ‘What the matter’

Jack looked at him and shouted ‘Its me, I just made the biggest mistake of my life.’

‘What have you done’ Peter was getting more and more worried when Jack wouldn’t say anything.

‘Why did I have to go to Noah’s bar?’ Jack asked himself.

‘What happened in Noah’s bar?’ Peter thinking to himself that something really bad has happened.

Jack sat back on Peter’s sofa and said ‘I cheated on Martha’

Peter stood back and just looked in amazement to what his best friend had just told him.

‘Who with’ Peter asked.

‘Some blonde hair chick came in to Noah’s and before I knew it we was talking about work then all off a sudden I have my tongue down her throat’ Jack explain

Peter sat next to Jack putting his hand on his shoulder saying ‘we will sort this out, it was a mistake Martha will forgive you’.

‘What was her name’ asked Peter.

‘All I know is that she only arrived Tuesday to come and see a friend’ explained Jack.

Flash back. Tuesday night.

Clare stood at Peter’s front door.

Peter shot up out of his seat and said ‘Where is this women now’

‘she was staying in a hotel near your old flat crescent avenue number 32 I think she said’ replied Jack wondering why Peter wanted to know.

‘You stay here, I will be back soon’ Peter said as he raced out of his house.

Jack looked really confused but jut sat on Peter’s sofa hating him more and more as every minute went by.

Peter arrived at 32. Crescent Avenue.

Peter walked up to the front door and knocked on the door but all the lights were off.

Peter decided to stay until somebody came home.

Just as he was about to go and wait in his car, Clare opened the front door saying ‘what time do you call this who is it?’

Peter walked up towards Clare’s front door and walked into her house.

‘You come back for seconds’ Clare joked.

Peter turned round and got up in Clare’s face and said ‘You do realise what you have done’.

‘I’m sorry gorgeous, you have lost me’ Clare said.

‘telling me you loved me then I find out who go off and put your tongue down other men’s throats’ shouted Peter getting really wound up.

‘How did….’ Clare started to get worried.

‘How did I no, well I know because you happened to kiss my best mate who is getting married on Saturday!’ shouted Peter.

‘He’s getting married’ asked Clare.

‘Yes he is to Martha McKenzie, you know Alf’s granddaughter’ Peter said trying to keep carm.

‘Omg what have I done’ Clare said.

‘I thought we could have worked things out but after this there is no chance’ Peter said trying to make it look like her fault so he didn’t feel guilty about sleeping with her.

‘I’m sorry Pete, after I left you I headed down to Noah’s to get a drink. That guy was their and we got talking before I knew it I made a move on him’ explained Clare.

Peter started to get really angry thinking about all the nights Clare went out at night when they were together in the city.

‘So if this kiss just happened like that? What did you do when you was out at nights when we were together?’ asked Peter demanding an answer quickly.

‘NO of course not I wouldn’t do that to you, I loved you’ Clare said while moving closer to Peter.

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Chapter 5

Peter walked away from Clare thinking about what he should do about Clare.

‘Pete I want you more then ever’ Clare said from across the room.

Pete stood in the middle of the room looking at Clare but all he could think about was Jack and her kissing.

Clare got up and walked towards him.

‘Pete there is something I have to tell you’ Clare said.

‘Clare I don’t want to know’ Peter said walking past Clare and heading to his car.

Peter arrived home to find Jack still sitting on his sofa with tears coming down his face.

‘Where have you been?’ Jack asked soon as he saw Peter walk through the door.

‘I went to see Clare’ Peter said.

‘Clare who?’ Jack asked curiously.

‘My Ex girlfriend, the one who I lived in the city with’ Peter said.

‘Mate she was the one who you kissed’ Peter explained.

‘Pete I’m sorry’ Jack said feeling even worse that it was Pete’s Ex girl friend

‘Mate its ok, there is nothing between me and Clare well there was…..’ Peter said while trying to make Jack feel better.

Jack’s mobile phone began to ring.

‘Pete it’s Martha, what do I do?’ Jack asked.

‘I will tell her your asleep’ Peter replied.

‘Hey Martha It’s Pete, When we was at work a new case came up which meant working late so Jack just crashed on my sofa, soon as he wakes ill tell him you rang’ Peter explained to Martha on the phone.

Peter put down the phone and looked at Jack who was really upset sitting next to him.

Jack looked at Pete and said ‘what am I going to do were getting married in 1 day!’

‘Mate are you going to tell her’ asked Peter.

‘I can’t tell her it would break her heart’ explained Jack

‘Ok well I’m here for you’ Peter said whilst walking over to get his jacket.

‘Pete, you’ve got to work haven’t you?’ asked Jack.

‘Yeah Zoe should be getting transferred today I need to sign the papers, but you can stay here until you get your head sorted because you are off now for two weeks aren’t you?’ Peter asked.

‘Yeah for the honeymoon, thanks mate I will stay until you get back’ Jack said but Peter could see that Jack was really upset for what he has done to his girlfriend.

Peter left the house leaving a guilt ridden Jack in his house.

Peter arrived at the station to find Leah sitting in his office waiting for him.

Peter was shocked to see Leah.

‘Pete’ said Leah

‘Leah you shouldn’t be here’ Peter explained.

‘All last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you’ Leah said.

‘I don’t know how you can do this’ Peter said getting angry because Leah was cheating on his little brother.

Leah got up and walked towards Peter putting her hand on his cheek saying ‘You’re the one I want from the first time I saw you I knew I wanted you but then Dan came and my feelings grew for him but I knew it was you I wanted’ Leah said while looking at Peter.

‘We have been through this like the kiss at your house after your accident you realised you wanted Dan even though you had feelings for me!’ Peter said whilst trying to avoid eye contact with Leah.

‘Pete I want you I love you!’ Leah said.

All of a sudden Leah kissed Peter.

Peter was shocked but this time didn’t pull away.

Leah and pete was making put on his office table throwing all his files and equipment of the desk.

Leah was starting to strip Peter while pushing his further up on his desk when she pulled back and said ‘I really do want you’.

Peter looked at her and they started to kiss passionately and he undone Leah top.

Just as they where getting in on, on the desk Peter’s office door flew open.

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