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Hold My Hand

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This is from after Tony and Beth move in together, Im in the UK so this hasn't actually happened over here yet, but lets just pretend it has, lol.....

"Lucas, Matilda, Get a move on. You're going to be late" Beth shouted from the kitchen. Lucas sprinted into the living room, fixing up his shirt as he went along. "Ah Good Morning" smiled Beth. Lucas smiled back. "Yeh, Good Morning Beth. Morning Dad" Lucas replied. Tony looked at his son. "Morning"

Matilda entered the living room, wearing just one shoe with her hair still in the same style it had been when she climbed out of bed only 45 minutes earlier. "Matilda, why are you not ready yet, you'll be late" Beth exclaimed. "Chill Mum, I'll be there on time don't worry"

"Hey, Mattie, wait up!" Lucas called, as he and Matilda began walking to school. Matilda stopped, she held out her hand. Lucas smiled, gripped his hand with hers and began walking along by her side.

"Here" Tony smiled, placing a steaming mug of coffee on the table in front of Beth. She smiled. "Thank you". Tony looked at his watch. "Ohhh, I better get going or I'm going to be late aswell" he said, kissing Beth softly on the forehead and exiting the house.

"Oh my god, that was the longest Maths lesson Ever!" Matilda moaned as she and Lucas exited the classroom, closely followed by Ric and Cassie. "I know" Cassie laughed. "So shall we go to the Diner for lunch?". Lucas looked at his watch. "No. I'm gonna go home. Dad seemed a bit distarcted this morning. I'm gonna go and see if everything OK". And with that, he left the school.

"Oh hi Dad, I'm glad you're here. I wanted..."

"Luke, what are you doing here?, you should be in school".

"Dinner" Lucas smiled. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and took a bite into it. "I actually wanted to talk to you anyway..."

"Oh, sounds intruiging. Is everything alright Son?" Tony asked. Lucas nodded.

"Everything's fine with me. I actually wanted to talk about you. You seem really...distracted just lately. I just wondered whether everything was OK?". Tony smiled. "Look son, I appreciate it, but I'm fine really" he smiled. Lucas sighed. He knew his Dad was keeping something from him, but he wasn't sure what.

Meanwhile Tony had made a last minute phone call. "Hi it's Tony" he spoke to the person on the other line. "I think their getting a bit suspicous. Lucas has been asking questions"

Unbeknownst to Tony, Beth was stood outside the door, listening to what he was saying. "I just don't think I should say anything yet. It's going to really upset them"

Beth felt her knees go weak. A tear strolled down her cheek. Surely Tony wasn't cheating on her........

Why is Tony being so secretive?

Is Beth about to lose another Fiance?

And just who is the mysterious person on the recieving end of Tony's phonecalls?

All will be revealed in Hold My Hand Part II coming soon!

Let me know what you think please. Thanks x x x

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That's fabulous!! I like the idea of a Tony & Beth fan fic! And also, the fact that Beth thought straight away that Tony was cheating, because that's happened to her quite alot in the past. Very good! Looking forward to the next chapter :D

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