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Melissa George and Neighbours' Daniel Macpherson

Guest claire_louise

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All I can say is, why?!

Wanadoo Entertainment News, April 12th

The Oz Factor

TV bosses have gone Down Under to snap up two of Australia’s sexiest stars for their sizzling summer reality shows. Melissa George, who played tearaway Angel Brooks in Home and Away, has just been recruited to Celebrity Love Island.

Producers are hoping the Aussie, who has her own line of lingerie and is making a name for herself in Hollywood - she's recently starred in The Amityville Horror and Derailed - will add some glamour to the show when it returns in June. But she faces hot competition in the shape of former EastEnder Pooja Shah, model Sophie Anderton and actress Emma Noble.

Meanwhile, ITV bosses have nabbed hunky Daniel MacPherson, who starred as Neighbours’ Joel Samuels, for Celebrity X Factor after seeing him presenting the Australian version of the show. The multi-talented star, who appeared in The Bill as PC Cameron Tait, reveals: “I play the guitar and sing and I’ve even contemplated a pop career – but that would be selling out.”

The star-studded talent show, which kicks off next month, will also feature TV magician Paul Daniels and former Hollyoaks actress Jodi Albert, who’s likely to be coached by her husband-to-be Kian Egan of Westlife. Let battle commence!

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Well unless i read it wrong Daniel is not appearing on celebrity love island but presenting X factor the celeb version or actually after reading it again he might be a contestant on it - but from reading the title i thought both Melissa and Daniel were appearing on love island so i can see where you were coming from.

I wouldn't have thought Melissa George would stoop to a reality show i must admit.

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Sorry, the title is probably a bit misleading. From the way I read it, Daniel is a contestant on celeb X Factor. The part I was most surprised about was Melissa George. Obviously she isn't the most famous actress in Hollywood but I thought she was doing pretty well considering. If you read her profile on IMDB it's surprising how many well known films she's been in. She has 3 more films coming up and she's in the new show by the writer of Sex and the City. Also I thought she was married? Or did they split up?

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