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  1. I'm not too sure but i don't think it is against any of tyhe rules, i shouldn't think so anyway.
  2. It is so sad to hear especially with her being young and having fought this desease for so many years.
  3. I watched the island and deep water off sky the other night.
  4. No sorry flashing images are allowed.
  5. I thought it was 1000 but i could be wrong, i'm sure that was when mine became available.
  6. I watched 28 days later last night a decent film.
  7. I have no idea how you make your own avitar but i got mine by requesting it in one of the artwork threads in the multimedia section, it is where people show off their creations and many people ask if anyone has any requests so if there is soneone you would like a avitar of go visit there and i am sure someone will do you one.
  8. No thats right he was checking out the girl in her knickers who he was pretending was his daughter.
  9. Yes it is. I love that film it was the last one i watched too.
  10. I watched along came polly last night can't get enough of this film it is so funny.
  11. I have just finished watching Flightplan it is a decent film.
  12. I got it now i think, your explaination was not silly it made sense thanks
  13. Thanks. I had wondered for a while but felt silly asking till i found this thread so thanks once again.
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